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Google My Business Ranking Factors to Boost Your Visibility.

If you are yet to register your business on Google My Business, the best time to get on it was yesterday and the next best time is now. You can follow these steps to add your business to Google My Business. However, registering is one thing but making sure to understand Google My Business ranking factors is another thing. 

But before we proceed, let me show you why you need to register your business on GMB. This is because while simply having an SEO-optimised website suffices for an individual, it is not enough for a business, especially one with a physical location. Not only will it further boost your visibility on Google, but it will also increase the chances of your potential customers finding you.

So, for instance, let’s say you own a restaurant and your business is registered on GMB. When people living around you search for a restaurant, yours will likely be one of the options because Google automatically believes that they will prefer to find restaurants around them. Now, imagine you don’t have a registered account on GMB, your business might be lost in the crowd of the many businesses vying for space to rank around the world. Plus, really, it is easier to get local customers before getting international customers. This is why you should not underestimate or ignore local marketing through GMB. 

Now that you properly understand why you need to register on GMB and probably have done it, let’s address the business of the day; what are these Google My Business ranking factors? GMB ranking factors are simply elements that determine how your business ranks on Google and GMB. If you know these factors and rightly apply them, you will be on your way to increasing your visibility on Google. Having said that, what are they?


Provide Detailed Information

Remember that your customers want you to provide any and every information that will make it easy for them to find you and know what your business is about. The online world is structured in such a way that people will not waste time with any business that will make things difficult for them. That’s why there is so much emphasis on easy-to-navigate UI. 

What am I saying exactly? You need to make sure not to leave any important information out for your clients. When they find your profile, they should immediately know what you are about. Provide your name, address, phone, website, business hours and detailed information on your products and/or services. Make sure that your business name tallies with what’s available on the physical structure, your working hours are accurate and your address matches accurately. 


Google My Business ranking factors


Post on Your Profile

You can post regularly on your GMB profile to show Google how active your business is and to also engage with customers. Remember that the more customers engage on your post, the more relevance and prominence Google attaches to you and the more visibility you have on the engine. However, note that it is not blog posts, the posts can be more likened to social media posts. You can use your profile for announcements, offers, ads, updates, new products and whatnot. Make sure to include direct links and CTAs to your posts.


Use Primary Keywords 

You can also boost your visibility by using relevant keywords that apply to your business. You can do this in the title of your profile, your posts and the questions and answers. However, don’t keyword-stuff as that would prove counterproductive for your SEO. Instead, include them naturally for humans because, at the end of the day, you are writing to humans. 


Include Attributes

Google offers attributes that are special offers or features that clients can get from your business or even to inform clients on what’s required. They include free-WiFi, takeout, delivery or some of the recently-included attributes such as mask required, staff wear masks, temperature check required due to COVID-19 requirements. Including them will provide your client with further details about what makes you stand out from others or what other incentives they get from patronising your business. 


Get Reviews

Google wants to suggest only the best businesses to their searchers. I mean, Google is also a business and they don’t want their searchers feeling unsatisfied when they enter a query. So, they are always making sure to provide the best query results to searchers. Now, can you see how having reviews will help in this case? It will send a positive message to Google that you walk the talk; you know the business and you are great at it. So, make sure to speak to your clients about dropping reviews for you after a satisfactory transaction.



To conclude, let me reiterate that you can hardly reach a global market when you haven’t gotten the local market. And GMB done right will increase your chances of that happening. Hopefully, as you apply these tips to improve your Google My Business ranking factors, you will achieve your desired results. If you enjoyed this article, do let us know in the comment section. 


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