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5 Factors That Make Great Landing Pages

Landing pages have become an essential part of sales and marketing strategies in the digital age. Its importance cannot be underrated because it determines your conversion rate.

However, there are factors that make great landing pages – these factors determine which landing page converts the most based on the results of A/B testing many landing pages.

Without further ado, let’s get to the factors now…

  1. Offer

For a landing page to attract traffic there is a need for clear, compelling and relevant offers.

Did you target the right people with the right offer? Even at that, is the offer so clear that the reader understands exactly what you are selling?

That said, is the offer congruent with the Ad that referred the lead to the landing page? The importance of this is to avoid confusing the reader of the landing page – for this; you need to ensure that your ad and the landing page have the same colour, headline and imagery feel.

Did you describe the offer enough to someone who does not understand ‘big words’? Would a high school student understand the offer’s description? This is crucial…

The next thing is to check the form…

  1. Form

Is your headline compelling? Does it tell about the benefit of your offer?  How is the form on the page too? Can the reader scrolls to and from the form easily without hassles?

Is the call to action clear and noticeable?

It is important to have a well-designed landing page that ensures optimum user experience, from the fonts, colours, call to action buttons and format.

The reader must not miss anything because everything that goes into a landing page is as important as the conversion.

  1. Trust

Why should the reader trust you? Have you proved your credibility? You can do this with testimonials that have names and possibly pictures in it.

Do you have return policies they should know about? What guarantee do you have and what do they have to do if they want to undo their subscription or return your product?

Do you have social proof? That is, what companies have you worked with? Have you said about you biggest wins? These things help people trust you as it is important that you inspire their trust before they buy from you.

Simply, give them all the reasons in the world they need to but from you… Build trust.

  1. Visual Hierarchy

Your landing needs to be visually compelling and the way to do that is to ensure that the page maintains the ad scent – that is a resemblance to the ad you ran traffic to.

Have you checked that the layouts and imagery are not competing with your primary call to action? (Never let this happen)

The essence of visual hierarchy is to ensure that the most important content on the page is easily visible as this also impact on conversions.

  1. Persuasiveness

Apparently, as important as the above factors are, the content of your landing page is the ultimate determinant of your conversion rate.

To this end, you need to apply the principles of persuasion to get maximum results.

By this I mean you need to write a copy that bond with the reader so that they feel understood and trust you enough to accept your solution to their problem – which is your offer.

Have you emphasized your authority and social proof? Did you inspire scarcity in their minds by letting them know that your offer lasts for a limited time?

You need people to act now, so do not give them forever to decide. Put a limitation of time and the ones who really want it will act now.

These factors will help you make the most of your landing page for maximum results if you applied, however, as a bonus, note this – Never Ever Make More Than One Offer on Your Landing Page.

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