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16 Facebook Marketing Tools that Will Make You More Efficient

Do you want to get more from your Facebook marketing? These Facebook marketing tools are what you need.

The social media space continues to grow, with new strategies to get the best of them. If you want to increase your return on investment (ROI) in Facebook marketing, the company has tons of inbuilt tools you should take advantage of.

Let’s dive right in.

16 Facebook Marketing Tools

1. Ads Manager (Facebook for Business)

This is where your Facebook marketing journey starts.

There is a lot you can simply do on your business profile, like start ads and check metrics, but the ad management tool is a much more comprehensive platform. Log on to facebook.com/business to get started.

2. Custom Audiences

Perhaps one of the most important Facebook marketing tools. Custom audiences let you target a specific group of people who have connected with your company in a way.

It’s a step higher than the normal targeting.

These people might have visited your website or a landing page. The #2 tool is what you need to set up that. Again, you can even upload an email list to your Facebook ad manager, and push ads to the profiles with the emails.

A step further with that; you can have a lookalike audience. If you have a custom audience populated with your website visitors, you can target your ads to people with similar Facebook profiles.

So, let’s say your audience is made up of snowballers. They have a couple of things that depict their hobby on their profile. What the lookalike ad will do is to reach other people like this, who are not on your list.

This can help you sweep the market. Sounds nice, right?

3. Pixel

Have you seen a website pop-up a notification about cookies in the past? Web cookies keep your prospect’s IP address or device as intelligence. That’s what Facebook Pixel does too.

When a prospect visits your website or a landing page, the pixel leaves a bug with their device. This is mainly to build custom audiences and for retargeting. You would have visited a company’s website, only to get on Facebook and see an ad from the company.

You can set up your pixel in the ad manager, and add it to the webpage you want to track. Let your developer help you out if you can’t get into the backend of your website.

4. Power Editor

As with the name, it’s the powerhouse of Facebook marketing. If you’re running ads at an enterprise level, it’s a must have. You can find it on Facebook’s dedicated Ads Manager for businesses.

Power Editor allows you to edit copies, links and your ad materials in bulk. So, if it happens that you need to change some links. It makes it faster and easier.

5. Conversion Lift

Many marketers can’t get an accurate hold on their ROI. The reason is that, when you run Facebook ads, we attach conversion to clicks or form fills. However, that can’t capture the whole impact of an ad.

So, Facebook came up with conversion lift. It splits your audience into those who see your ad without clicking, and those who click. There are tendencies the people who ordinarily sees your ad will convert (perhaps, though direct website visits).

This helps you understand that your post reach is not a waste and that conversions are beyond engagement with ads.

6. Lead Ads

How does it sound if you don’t always have to use landing pages to generate leads? Just like Twitter cards, you can generate leads without your prospects having to leave Facebook.

When people click on your ad about an offer (could be any lead magnet of your choice), they are shown a pre-filled form with the information they’ve shared on Facebook.

Right there, you close the lead.

7. Messenger Bot

Before now, Facebook marketing has been passive. You pushed your ad or content, and your audience will engage with it.

What if we’re able to have a conversation? Surveys showed that 53% of people will likely do business with a company they can message. So, we have Facebook Messenger Bot.

With your Facebook page, you can run ads that bring your prospect to Messenger. This works at every stage of your conversion funnel; brand awareness, lead generation and conversion.

However, you don’t necessarily have to close this by yourself. Check out chat bots like ManyChat to see how you can automate responses and broadcasts.

8. Instagram Ads

If you use Instagram, you would have come across promoted contents and profiles. It’s all set up on Facebook.

Go to your Facebook page settings and connect your Instagram account. From then, you can choose to run your ad to Instagram while setting it up.

9. Ad Objectives

Let’s get a little deeper into your ad setup. Ad objective is where you define what you’re really paying for. It’s also on your ad’s optimization page.

Many marketers don’t know about this. Ad objective is where you choose to either pay per each click or impression. It’s right there on your ad setup page.

10. Audience Insights

This is equally great. To be successful with Facebook marketing, you need to have an understanding of your audience; their interests, location and a lot more

You might have some ideas about that. But, how do you validate your thoughts? Facebook Audience Insights is where to go.

For example, if you sell beauty products in Lagos, you want to know the number of women there. Audience Insight will also provide information on their demography, interest and purchasing preferences. This article on HubSpot explains further.

11. Polls/Contest Apps

Do you know you can run polls on Facebook? Polls can be one of your best bets for engagement on Facebook. It’s available in groups, and you can do it with your Facebook page also.

If you intend to run a contest, look no further. You can automate the entire process on Facebook. Check it out here.

12. Canvas

Canvas is Facebook’s proprietary platform for building multimedia stories for mobile. It could be a mix of videos, still images, text, and testimonials. It lets you make an optimized use of images for the best experience on mobile.

You should check it out.

13. Offer Claims

This type of Facebook ad lets you convert in one step. If you want to boost product sales, you can advertise a discount or coupon which your audience can directly claim. It is one of the facebook marketing tools I recommend personally.

14. Facebook Blueprint

Let’s call this Facebook Academy. It has 52 different courses on Facebook marketing.

Apart from the expertise gain, you also earn a certification at the end of each course. You might not go into all, but there will always be one specific to your need and it’s free.

15. Compass

You’ll agree that data analysis is as important as your marketing itself.  Although this is an external tool, it could help you make a clear sense of your metrics. It digs into your data for demography, devices and other bits of information you need for decision making. Check out more on compass.

16. LikeAlyzer

You’ve spent some money to build a social following. So, what happens next?

LikeAlyzer monitors activities on your business page, thereby helping you to measure its efficiency. It has a Facebook analytics tool which will provide detailed information and explanation of identified issues, tips on how to address these issues and much more. You should check it out.

Facebook is putting in a lot to ensure their platform serves all users the best way. I believe knowing about these tools will make a superstar of your Facebook marketing efforts.

Please do share with your networks.

Now, let’s get the talk going. Which efficient Facebook marketing tools have you found out too?






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