Essential Qualities of a Perfect Landing Page

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The first time you visited the Google homepage, you must have been taken aback by the simplicity of the content. After all the hype you received from your colleagues, all you saw was a long search bar with two buttons. All other links on the page were designed as if they were not meant to be there. Upon entering the search query, you were taken to the home search result page where the results are displayed in order of relevance. That is the power of a good landing page. Simple, fast and reliable!

When most companies decide to create a website, all they seem to care about is the branding and visual appeal of the site. As long as the business is on the web, nothing else matters. Today, it is increasingly difficult to get the attention of prospective customers. It so happened that the internet is now flooded with so many websites, blogs, web apps etc. To stand out from the crowd, there is a need to redefine the way we present our online presence to our customers. To further expatiate on this, I will like to discuss some important factors that will ensure an optimum experience for your customers when they are surfing through your landing page.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile internet usage has now surpassed that of desktop , according to a research by comScore. This means more people now perform most of their online transactions using their smartphones. Therefore, a business which is interested in satisfying its customer needs to work on the mobile rendering of all its landing pages. This involves SEO for all mobile platforms. The programming department should ensure all codes are updated to support various mobile versions; the rendering and user experience should be optimized for all screen sizes. This may not be an easy task, however, it is important to the success of any business whether or not they intend to run an advertisement campaign in the future.

Clarity & Simplicity

All landing pages should be clutter free. There should be no unnecessary buttons or icons. Essentially, the landing page should only discuss what the customer wants. All other links should be of close relevance to the content of the landing page. The importance of this is to ensure smooth navigation when users are on the page. Search engines are not quick to forgive websites that contain distractions such as pop-ups, broken links, and other irrelevancies. These things contribute to low SEO page ranking and must be avoided. Enlisting the services of a professional SEO expert might be considered. A careful review of all pages will ensure non-violation of all SEO rules necessary to rank high on important search engines.

Fast Page Load Speed

This is a huge factor that determines whether or not customers will return to your website. Just like the Google homepage example, your landing page should not take too long to load. Anything too long will make users switch tab to other websites. The average internet user has been reported to have a short attention span. To analyze your page speed, you can use the Google PageSpeed insights tool. Once you notice a slow response, call the attention of the programming department. The goal is to ensure users do not feel frustrated and helpless while surfing for that vital piece of information.

The average internet user of today is always up and going, with more preference for photos over words. It is, therefore, imperative that you do not give up the opportunity of converting prospects while you still have them on your site. Always leave them coming for more.

I believe if all these factors are properly reviewed, you will have no further cause to worry about the user experience prospective clients receive while navigating through your web pages.

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