Having a top-notch product is not enough; you need a service to help you remain Top of Mind with your clients. According to Campaign Monitor, 2019 began with an estimated number of 3.8 billion email accounts around the world which you can now leverage on for your marketing efforts.

Our digital marketing team can help you connect with prospects, nurture, convert and retain them as loyal customers. We serve highly informative, well-written and timely content about your business especially on promotional offers and new products. With the use of email service providers, we:

• Build, grow and segment your email list.
• Optimize it for high open rates and click-through rates.
• Automate it to welcome new sign-ups, respond to your clients and interact with them.

We are aware that people do not enjoy signing up for newsletters so we use lead magnets and other free materials to get them subscribing to your newsletter. You can reach out to us if you want to get the best out of your email marketing effort.