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Digitalization: Startup Business Misconceptions.

Sometimes startups and medium scale firms are apt to conclude that some tech tweaks are exclusively created for large brands but fail to realize that if it works out for those top brands, it can also get them desired results.

Here is a list of common misconceptions among startups:

Physical over digital:

Many startups believe that since they aren’t so big, they really don’t need a dynamic website. They fail to understand that a website is just as important as their brick-and-mortar!

Social media is just for fun:

This is a very common notion among startups and small business owners. They are either ignorant or unaware that the digitalization trend has made social media platforms a buzzing marketplace. Therefore, what better place is there to sell your business than on a platform with merry and open-minded people?

Unbranded email address:

Having a branded email address simply shows a brand’s level of seriousness yet so many small businesses still use contact emails from public service providers. Customized email addresses confer legitimacy on any brand using it. For example, Company XYZ Ltd uses, “xyzcompany@gmail.com or xyzcompany@yahoo.com” rather than you@xyzcompany.com.

Digitalization is bandwagon:

I bet you might have heard expressions like “my business is doing just fine and I don’t need all these digital stuff.” Well, such brands shoot themselves in the leg by losing out to firms who have embraced digitalization and taken advantage of prospects and leads available there.

Branding is just identity i.e. Logo or Tagline

Branding is not just a logo, products/services, advertisement, spokesperson, or tagline. Branding is how you position yourself in the market place; it is how your audience perceives you when they hear about your brand and importantly how they feel about your business when they interact with you. We at Big Field Digital can help you create a lasting experience for your audience, which in turn generates leads and high conversions for your business.

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