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How to Have Your Way With Digital Marketing in a Traditional World

A number of entrepreneurs want to simply ignore the prospects of digital marketing once the world around them slopes towards traditional marketing and this often leads to their exit from the market.

No doubt, there are industries and locations with dead outlook to digital marketing, but that can’t possibly be permanent. The global business sphere today is not in any way conservative, which implies that such will definitely transition someday. Conversely, instead of taking off, an entrepreneur should be part of the innovative transitioning.

However, before you conclude on deleting digital marketing from your plans altogether, I need you to understand that there is a definite section of your target audience that can be reached faster via the web.

I can bet you do not want to risk losing customers, as it might eventually run your business into extinction or leave you with a minute share of the market. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the digital marketing revolution is sweeping through the world and will be at your doorstep in no time.

In this regard, here are a few tips to consider, that will help your business harness its full potentials now and always.

Map Your Customers’ Journey

Remember that any assumption that digital marketing won’t work for your business is wrong, but let’s start with knowing who your ideal customers are. Who are your customers? What’s their current level of exposure to the internet?

Your customers’ journey map is a defined path to how they meet their needs. It helps you understand the experience your customers want, and how you can leverage technology to provide that. Nigeria’s internet users jumped by 97 million in 17 years, exceeding 50% of the county’s current population. A focused research into your audience’s use of the internet will help you define where to come in.

Digitalize Your Audience

You could be right that some don’t yet use the internet for things you would like. Why not help them reach the level that satisfies you? You can call it your corporate social responsibility, but basically, you should come up with, or just be part of training sessions, public meetings or advocacy to inspire your audience to become digitally conscious. The purpose here is to help them understand why they need a service you provide and how digitalization will benefit them. There could surely be other ways to achieve this in your locality or online, just rest assured of the result this will have on your digital marketing efforts in few months.

Take Authority

The most important thing to achieve here is to digitally acquire lasting prominence and traction in your industry, irrespective of constraints. A Nigerian company, Yudala, came into the fiercely competitive e-commerce industry with their Yudala Zero Gravity music concert to build a loyal community. The string of events, pop music, gospel, and all sorts of concerts, would tell you that they wanted all of Lagos. When you begin to resonate as an exponent in your industry, nothing can possibly stop your business potential.

In essence, digital marketing has a great potential to transform your business even in the traditional world. All it takes is defining your audience’s journey and meeting them halfway.


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