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Digital Marketer’s Guide towards Using Call-To-Action.

You have written that killer copy for your ad or website yet your audience isn’t getting converted, your goals which you once thought was achievable just sits there frowning at you and you are at the edge of losing it all? If your message is placed on the right platform but you are still not getting the expected attitude from your audience, you might need to check your Call-To-Action. In digital marketing, Call-To-Action(s) are used to convert visitors, readers, or viewers into leads and finally customers of your business. It is expected that when properly used, the CTA should drive a variety of actions based on the content’s goal.

When a prospect comes across your platform, they’ll only spend a few minutes on it if they find it appealing, or need your services; after they have gone through your content, they need to be told what next to do. Using a few words to indicate a required action, you intentionally take prospects on a journey which nurtures them and eventually converts them into buyers.

Here is a Sample of a Call-To-Action. Prospects are required to take action by clicking on the ‘Discuss A Project’ button.

5 Helpful Tips to Consider When Using Call-To-Action

Choosing the Right CTA

The content preceding your CTA should arouse the audience’s interest and make them eager to receive what you have for them after they have taken your expected action. This also means you must know and understand your marketing goals before creating any form of content or using a particular Call-To-Action. If you need people to buy a product from your e-commerce website, you categorically should tell them to do so by saying, ‘shop now’ rather than ‘sign up’ or if you are giving out information about your latest product you could simply say ‘learn more’ instead of ‘register now’. Furthermore, the Call-To-Action also tells a visitor what to expect when they click on the button. Choosing the right CTA becomes an easy task if you have been able to identify who your clients are and you are aware of the need you are trying to help them solve.

Ensure Your CTA is Straight to The Point

Keep it short, simple, and sweet, this means you need to be economical with the use of words. Some frequently used Call-To-Action(s) are, ‘Register now’, ‘sign up’, ‘start free trial’, ‘get started’, ‘join us’, ‘subscribe’, and there are so many others. You could even visit your competitor’s website to see what they are doing and learn from their pitfalls.

Let It Stand Out

When choosing the button for your CTA, ensure that the text contrasts with the background for the sake of legibility and readability, else it could turn people off. This also means you should consider the use of font, colour, and placement of the CTA button. Sometimes you could place your Call-To-Action button in more than one area of your landing page to improve its visibility, indicate its importance and imply a sense of urgency to your message. However, if your CTA is appearing in more than one place, it must be identical and easy to spot out among several lines of content.

A/B Test Your CTA content and Button

Previously, we have discussed the importance of carrying out an A/B test on your design elements in digital marketing to know what will work best. Your Call-To-Action content and button should also be tested because what might appeal to you might not do the same to your prospect nor would it lead to conversion.

Consider these tips the next time you need an action from your prospects in other to smash those marketing goals of yours. You’ll be glad you did.


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