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Customer Sentiment: Understanding your Business and Clients.

Before the advent of digital media for marketing, gathering product/service information entails sending hard-copy questionnaires and collating them through a tedious process. With the introduction of sophisticated digital medium for customer engagement analysis, tolls can now be taken to determine the opinion formulated by the public about a particular brand just as fast as the preference for a product/service can be determined by just browsing through an analytic report.

In a nut-shell, the context in which your brand is being discussed by the general public or the media is what has been tagged customer sentiment. This perception could be positive (commendation or recommendation of your brand image), negative (maligning your brand image or product/service delivery) or neutral (media buzz about your brands placement in the industry).

Understanding the wave of customer sentiment about your brand or product/service is pertinent to knowing how you are doing from the user’s end and could come in handy in making decisions about improvement or correction.

Some firms may try to ignore negative customer sentiments because of the feeling of resentment which is not good for the reputation of your brand. Understanding and working on negative customer sentiment could be a good opportunity to interact with your customers/prospects and build services tailored to their needs. It could also serve as a feedback mechanism for improvement of product/service delivery.

The positive feedback from the consumer should be seen as a good opportunity for building lasting relationships with loyal followers. Word-of-mouth advertisement is a powerful marketing process and positive customer sentiment is just a good example of that. Therefore, it should be improved upon and deliberately enhanced to create a better reception for your brand. Now, let me acquaint you with the benefits of customer sentiment analysis

Enhance Customer Service Delivery

As discussed above, customer sentiment helps to expose deep insight into how your brand is being received by your customers. As an effective feedback tool, it can be handy to get vital information on how to be of better help to your customers. As a customer service tool, you will get to perceive the sway of opinions and how you can work on that for improvement.

Improve Social/Business Intelligence

Intelligence in this regard is centered around insightful information not only about your current business but on composite services that can further widen the business reach and profit. Used correctly, customer sentiment analysis can deliver vital information about the products or services that your customers buy or engage with after patronage from you. This can help to awaken new business ideas for your brand and heighten profit margin.

Know and Outsmart Competition

One good thing about customer sentiment analysis is the fact that it talks about you in relation to the industry. This allows you to know your place in the industry and where you rank in the competition. Used correctly, customer sentiment can be leveraged upon to mitigate harmful competition by developing on lapses and fault areas.

Now that you have been equipped with this information, I believe you will do more than just view customer feedbacks and media buzz with disdain, even if they are negative.



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