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Creating An Office Tour Video for Your Company With Ease: A Guide.

After putting so much work into creating a beautiful workspace, which is conducive for all, it makes so much sense to want your clients and prospects to see it. Creating an office tour video for your brand is a marketing effort with the aim of portraying your brand in the best possible light. The intention is to show off your team, culture, values, and every form of your brand’s identity.

Pre-Video Production 

During this stage of the video production, your goal is to plan the entire video production from start to finish. If this stage is properly sorted out, you will be sure to have an almost flawless production and easiness as you get things done.


Before you think of creating an office tour video, it is pertinent that you have an aesthetic workspace that is capable of capturing your audience’s attention. It’s easier to go about this almost immediately after moving into your newly set up workspace. However, if you’ve been in that space for a while, you should do some renovation to ensure everything still looks good and neat. Depending on the level of renovation you need to do, ensure you plan your budget accordingly to help you cover the main cost of the corporate video production. Setting up your space must include you putting up signposts to help your viewers identify every section of the office.

Selecting your Office Tour Guide

Typically, the office tour guide should be a member of your team. He/she will be in charge of showing your audience around your office, telling them about the company, teams, culture, operations, and everything in between. They must know the ins and outs of the company as well as how things work. If you decide to hire an external professional to handle this, be sure to give them a thorough orientation about the company. This will help them flow effortlessly and speak about your brand with enthusiasm. 

Your office tour guide must possess several qualities which include: eloquence, charisma, general communication skills, and an ability to capture people’s attention all through the video.

Creating an office tour video

Creating and Reviewing the Script

The content of your office tour video shouldn’t be put out extemporaneously. More and more preparations must be put in place. Bear in mind that the script isn’t to be memorised or read word-for-word, instead it should serve as a guide to preserve the idea/concept of the project. It will also guide the entire production team. 

To guide the creation of your video script, you and your team must first understand why you are creating an office tour video for your company. Identifying the goal of this task will help you determine what areas of the office you’ll need to lay emphasis on and the key team members you will be speaking within the video. This video should go through various professional eyes till you arrive at the best version of it. You can work with your in-house Copywriter or hire one. Getting a Copywriter to help out in this area is quite important because the office tour video will be serving marketing purposes. They have the skills needed to create concepts to help you get the most out of this marketing effort. 

Hiring a Videographer

If you do not have an in-house videographer or a freelancer you already work with, you need to get one. Not just anyone but a highly-skilled professional. Since this isn’t just a random video production, you must get all hands on deck to do things properly. You can get some recommendation from people or put out a call for applications. Afterwards, do a thorough filtering of the applications you receive and check their portfolio to see if they have previously worked on a similar project. Find out what video editing tools they are good at using as well. Select your preferred candidate, let them know all they are required to do, then negotiate how much you are willing to pay them.

The Video Production

Recording the Video

This stage is very crucial. Select a day when the majority of your team members will be available as well as the video production team (videographer, office tour guide, director, and other key players). Recording your office tour video tends to come out best if you begin the session in the morning. Do all you can to ensure no noise distorts the production. Invest in lapel microphones to help magnify the voice of the speakers. In addition, check the lightening of each location in the office to prevent inconsistent light patterns within the video. 

Creating an office tour video

Post-Video Production

Editing and Feedback

It doesn’t end yet. This is the stage where the videographer will get to do the hard work mixed with a whole lot of creative thinking. After editing, mixing the video with the right soundtrack, and everything else, the videographer will present you with the packaged video. Take your time to go over it severally and even invite your team to take a look at it. Here you should be looking out for odd sounds, repetitions, colour scale, soundtrack used, amongst others. 

Remember, everyone sees things from different points of view so get ready to note the observations and feedback of all your team members. Give the videographer your feedback and wrap things up if you approve of the entire production. 

Publicising and Distribution

Start sharing your new brand asset with your network and communities on social media. Decide what platforms are great for sharing videos and determine the right platform where your audience is most likely to see it without stress. 

Would you like to see a sample office tour video before you go ahead with creating yours? Well, you can check out Big Field Digital’s office tour video here. You can also learn how to use video marketing to get your customers hooked if you want to make the best use of your video marketing effort.


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