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Coronavirus Update

How Businesses Can Adapt to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Without mincing words, the coronavirus pandemic dealt the world a devastating blow which we are all yet to recover from. While there is practically no aspect of life that isn’t affected in some way, the world economy is probably feeling the major part of the brunt due to the need for social distancing. Before the time of this writing, many countries were on total lockdown for months which affected the flow of money and ultimately, the uncertainty in the global economy. Many businesses were forced to shut down while some had to downsize and even now that things seem to be normalising, it could take some time before many companies can find their feet in the uncharted waters.

You may ask, “What is the implication of this for my business?”

Well, this is why we are here. As a B2B company with a passion for customer success, we wanted to share our thoughts with our clients to keep their customers and staff sane as well as a way to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic.


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Stay Safe

In the face of economic uncertainty, staying safe might seem trivial or the last thing you want to think about. However, those who said health is wealth were not repeating a clichéd statement; health is indeed wealth. But beyond that, this is probably an utterly wrong time to fall sick. You are trying to keep your business afloat, not nursing a novel disease. On the other hand, you need all hands on deck, so you should also inspire your team to stay safe. You should obey all the WHO requirements on the prevention of the disease and any other government directives.


Stay Visible

There is so much going on in the world right now. So, if you want to remain top of mind, you have to stay visible. The goal is for your clients and potential clients not to forget that you exist amid the overwhelming information around them. One of the mistakes brands make is to reduce advertising during a pandemic either to cut budget or as a general response to the pandemic. But, you want to be visible, and to do that, you have to advertise. However, make sure that all your marketing platforms (blog, email, social media platforms, traditional channels such as TV, radio, and print) are tailored towards the present reality. That means, do less blatant selling.


Adapt to the New Situation

Like it or not, a new reality is upon us; many businesses necessarily have to adapt to the new situation. If your company policies or business structure was great before the pandemic, is it okay now? Most importantly, is it a great way to keep your business afloat during a pandemic? These are some of the questions you and your team need to answer. If your answer is in the negative, then it is time for changes that will work based on the new reality.


Be Sensitive

Your customers are trying to stay afloat just like you are. So, you need to be extra sensitive to what you put out and the demands you make of them. Businesses that are solely thinking of profits might not do as well as others in this time because customers will instantly be turned off. Make sure your words and actions are empathetic and sensitive to what your customers are probably facing right now.



What can you do to ease the life of people or what do you think the people need now that your business can provide? We are sure you agree with us that the idea of business is to provide value or provide people with a solution to a problem. So, if you feel what you are doing right now is not in demand, how can you repurpose your business to meet the present needs of the people?


Focus On Providing Excellent Customer Service

We probably don’t need to say so much about making sure to prioritise your customers this period. You have to engage them even more than you used to; not to spam them but to remain top of mind and let them know you got them. Engaging your customers shouldn’t be limited to selling to them, it should also be about showing them that they are important and you care. Be easily accessible to them when they have questions and be quick to attend to their grievances.


Keep Your Customers Updated

Make sure that you keep your customers updated on operational changes in the company. Whether it is new products, services, or policies, make sure to keep your customers in the loop. For instance, if you are all working from home, you should let your customers know. Apart from staying updated, this will give them a sense of belonging like they are an intricate part of your brand, which they are.


Postpone Any Price Increase

Part of being empathetic this time is pausing any drastic changes that will require a price increase. Sure, you might need to increase the prices of certain products or services, especially when you consider the situation on ground. However, being sensitive and empathetic is very important. So, postpone price increase and if you sent a notice of price increase earlier, you can send another one indicating the need to postpone it due to the pandemic.


Offer Value

What can you offer your customers instead of just getting from them? It could be something as simple as what they need to do to stay afloat personally this time or a message of positivity and hope. Something as little as putting a smile on the face of your customers could go a long way during this pandemic.


Carry Your Staff Along

Your staff are as important as your business. At the risk of being too blunt, your staff can make or mar your business, so you should make them feel important. The same amount of care you give to your business should be extended to your staff. Keep them updated of changes; be sensitive and empathetic to them just as you are towards your customers. Even if there are going to be unfavourable changes due to the new reality, let them know and make them understand the reason. Don’t just make changes without carrying them along as they could feel like you don’t care about how they feel.


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