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Keys to Conversion on Social Media

Wouldn’t you agree that social media has grown from just being a chat platform to being a global catalyst for businesses? Facebook proved this when it announced in February 2015, that over 2 million people are active advertisers on the platform.

In fact, statistics says that more than 50% of the global population is active on one social media or another, making a virtual world, such that businesses can’t possibly do without.

While there are loads of testimonials of business successes with social media marketing, there are, unfortunately, a large chunk of unproductive efforts. Like every other business decisions, the social media has its logic without which failure is inevitable.

No doubt every business wants to profitably use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. However, only the businesses that employ the right approach succeeds.

So, I’ve highlighted these five key points to increase conversions on social media.

Think Content

The basic tool to keep your business relevant in the social media space is valuable content that automatically gives you an authority in your niche. We call it content marketing because the objective is to get your audience to know, like and trust you.

There is no doubt that the worth of your brand is measured in proportion to the value of the contents you publish, thereby determining whether a visitor will revisit your website or not.

You see, value attracts. You’ve got to create or curate educational and useful resources to your audience consistently to grab and retain their attention. Providing answers to their questions, and helping them discover new ways of doing things will not only make them look forward to your updates, it will also make them an advocate for your brand.

Imagine a clothing company’s social media accounts sharing jokes and unrelated images and expecting to gain a meaningful following. Take note of “meaningful following.” Although, it is okay to strategically share contents from associated fields or industries, nevertheless, we could acquire leads that will never convert when done wrongly. That’s why for some, social media won’t give results.

Think Cost

As Ryan Deiss often says, “The company that will spend the highest in acquiring customers – wins.

The digital media can truly help every business grow, but not with reluctance to invest. It is safe to understand that your prospective customers will walk through a path before getting to you.

They need to see you every step of the way if you really want them to convert. This demands cost, and you will have to invest in staying at those junctions before they get to you. Let’s look at it this way. You might need to promote some valuable contents on Facebook to make people like your page. You can also promote contents as a lead magnet. The point is, there is no return on investment without appropriate marketing spend.

Promote for Conversion

Now, you have valuable contents to get out there. The best way to achieve your goal is to launch conversion-minded campaigns Let’s say your conversion goal is Facebook post engagement, you only have to boost the specific post, but when you need more page following or visits to your website, you optimise your campaign to pay on conversions alone, that is, Pay Per Click. Having said that, you should choose inspiring content and photos, if you really want them to be clicked on.

Offers Count

Special offers come in at different stages of the customer acquisition process. You might be offering a guide, case study or white paper to get leads. You personally know how you react when Amazon or Jumia announces Black Friday. You could pull much more audience with a 25% or 50% discount. The baseline is to look for ways to scale with such offers.

Use A Website

Many business people think they could make do with social media presence, without having a website. That implies building on someone else’s land. You’ll see the point is “use a website,” not just having one. You build your own world with your website. You don’t own your followers on Facebook, for example. Unfortunately, companies without website have no proprietary community. You won’t have direct and lasting relationships with customers without your own website.


Learn to create a functional strategy for your social media marketing efforts. Effective digital marketers see the end before executing campaigns. With valuable contents, right investment, effective conversion path, offers and your website, you can win in the social media world.


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