Common Mistakes Startups make when going Digital

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Start-ups and sometimes medium scale firms are apt to conclude that some tech tweaks are cut out for the top brands alone. This should get one thinking, if the top brands do it and get results, by all means why not too?

See below, some of the entrepreneurial misconceptions that are bantered about among start-ups:

  • Physical over digital: a huge chunk of medium scale and start-ups have been misled to believe that they really don’t need a dynamic website because they are small. They fail to understand that it is just as important a service point as their brick-and-mortar locations!
  • Social media is just for fun: it is almost the norm to hear notions like that. You should know, however, that the digitalization trend has made the social media platforms a very buzzing pseudo marketplace. What better place to sell your business to someone than when they have an open and merry mind?
  • Unbranded email address: this may not come across as a surprise. Firms having contact emails with public service providers. It just goes to show that one is not serious with business. Customized emails addresses confer legitimacy and seriousness on any brand using it. For example company XYZ ltd having “ or” instead of
  • Digitalization is bandwagon: you may have heard the expression “my business is doing just fine; I don’t need all these digital things.” Well, that is where you lose out to firms who have embraced digitalization and taken the mass of prospects and leads available there.

Bonus point:

Branding is just identity i.e. Logo or Tagline


Branding is not just: A logo, products or services, advertisement, spokesperson, or tagline. Branding is how you position yourself in the market place. It is how your audience perceives you when they hear about your brand. More importantly, how they feel about your business when they interact with you. We at Big Field Digital can help you create a lasting experience for your audience, which in turn generates leads and high conversion for your business growth.

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