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Common Facebook Ads Mistakes To Avoid.

Facebook marketing is effective for generating a good number of leads and conversions; sometimes, beyond your expectations. However, some people, unfortunately, do not enjoy the great potential of Facebook ads and this is due to certain Facebook ads mistakes that they apply to their Facebook ads campaign. If you can relate, not to worry; all hope is not lost. You just need to learn the common Facebook ads mistakes to avoid and you will be on your way to achieving your goals with Facebook ads. 

In this article, we will be discussing some of the common Facebook ads mistakes to avoid so as to stop hurting your Facebook ads campaign.

Lack Of Right Marketing Objectives

Ever heard the saying, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”? This saying is true for practically everything. Before you even start your campaign, you should have your marketing objectives. Ask yourself certain questions like;

What is the campaign supposed to achieve? Is it for sales, engagements, traffic, sign-ups, subscription etc?

Who are you targeting the ad to? Professionals, businesses, students, millennials, gen Z etc.

How will what I am providing help my target audience?

These are questions you should ask yourself when you are setting your objectives. The answers to these questions will determine how to place the ad, the kind of ad to use, what the ad will contain etc. 

Poor Audience Targeting 

Although Facebook advertising is effective; we cannot shy away from the fact that it is also competitive because there are millions of businesses marketing their products on Facebook and probably vying for the same audience as you are. So, it will be advertising suicide not to properly identify your target audience. Who is your target audience? That is the first question to ask yourself and to answer this properly, you can create a buyer’s persona

A buyer’s persona is the characteristics of the people you are hoping to target. What is your ideal customer’s gender, occupation, age bracket, income bracket, interest, and where do they live? Facebook already has this information on those engaging on the platform based on their online behaviour, so all you have to do is key into it. Identifying all these will help you narrow down your target audience to certain people who will be interested in what you are offering. If your target audience is too broad, it will make it harder to properly compete among the number of ads run on the platform every day. 

Common Facebook Ads Mistakes To Avoid

Lumping Facebook With Other Advertising Channels

Facebook is different from other social networks and other marketing channels; they all work in different unique ways. So, lumping them all together is not advisable. That means you can’t even advertise on Twitter the way you will on Facebook. For instance, Facebook displays adverts to users based on interest while search engines use search intent. Therefore, using the same methods for both channels and expecting them to deliver the same result is wrong. 

Frequently Optimising Your Facebook Ads

Yes, you shouldn’t abandon your ads; it is important to frequently monitor the ads to see what’s working and what’s not working and if you are meeting your marketing objectives. This will help you know what works for future ads. However, frequently tweaking your ads, changing targets, budgets and bids will affect your ads. It will take your ads back to the start and your ads will start ranking afresh. This will, ultimately, affect the progress of your ad. 

Wrong Facebook Ad Type

Facebook has different ad formats, including photos, videos, carousel, slideshows, collections etc. Also, there are different ad placements, including desktop, mobile or right-hand bar; and different ways to display the ads. So, depending on your target audience and marketing objectives, you should choose the right ad type, placement and format. 

In conclusion, Facebook advertising is effective; but if you don’t take note of the common Facebook ads mistakes to avoid, you will keep falling into a pitfall with your ads.


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