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E-learning Web App for Wesie Sports

Responsive E-learning Web App Development for WESIE Sports Academy.


Wesie Sports Academy


E-learning App Development


Having realized that there is an abundance of passion, talent, and desire amongst coaches in African communities we have worked with over the years, WESIE Sports Academy was birthed by the Women Elite Sports Empowerment Initiative. WESIE seeks to use sports as an engagement tool to improve the health and wellbeing of people in their host communities. The Sports Academy intends to serve as a learning platform to help develop Coaches and transform their communities through the right information, empowerment, and support.

The Task at Hand

We had previously created a personal website for our client some years ago so she contacted us to develop a responsive Web Application for her Sports Academy. She wanted Coaches and other Users to attend courses relating to sports and fitness in a bid to achieve her Organisation’s mission.

How We Helped

Initially, our client intended to make the platform an online school for girls to take courses prepared by her. Rather than developing the website as a solo platform, we recommended other features to make the online school unique and more involving. Our proposal contained our ideas and implementation strategies. After several discussions, we finalised on the features to be implemented then began the App Development. Two members of our team were involved in the execution of the project – a Software Engineer and a Project Manager. We designed the landing page, to collect the data of pre-sign ups so that they can be informed when the App is launched.

The app has various pages but the most notable among them are the Home, About, Courses, Instructor’s Dashboard, Manage Account containing subcategories My Course, My Certificate, My Wishlist, My Message, Purchase, History, Profile), and Cart (for adding courses a student is interested in taking). The admin page was developed to monitor the activities of all users, as well as to control and regulate commissions paid by coaches whose course(s) are on sale. The admin panel houses other items like the Dashboard, Categories, Courses, Students, Enrolment, Report, Message, and Settings.

Apart from our client’s personal website which we worked on in the past, we hadn’t necessarily worked on a project in the sports and fitness niche, however, we were able to pull this off within two months. We integrated Paystack into the App as the payment gateway, created a means by which Coaches and Students can engage in Live Fitness Training, and also put in the opportunity for Users to either sponsor a course, or even seek for a scholarship.

We incorporated Machine Learning into the development of Wesie Sports Academy to ensure that courses are only recommended to students based on their interaction with other courses on the App. The Machine Learning models ensure that only courses a User is interested in will show up in their recommended courses section.

Project case study

The existence of Wesie Sports Academy’s responsive application is gradually assisting the organisation to create more impact by ensuring youths and sports keep thriving even as sports personnel improve themselves through the courses provided on the platform. There are several courses on the application; coaches now earn some money when users attend their courses. The App also allows them to market their courses at no cost and reach a wider audience with the recommendation feature.

Project case study


"The team is highly technical. They always come up with ideas and a way to implement it. I am very happy with the result of the launch. We've had great feedback from our students and coaches." - Founder, WESIE Sports.

Project case study

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