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Sword Sweet Confectionery

Website Development and Email Address Customisation for An International Confectionary Company.


Sword Sweet Confectionery Nigeria Limited.


Responsive Website Development and Customised Company Email Address.


Sword Sweet Confectionery Nigeria Limited is one of the pioneer sweet companies in Nigeria and has its trademark found in virtually all West African countries. Established in 1984, the company’s office is located at Plot 6, Olubadan Industrial Estate, along New Ife Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Their high-quality and affordable products like Milkina, Pinaco, Sword Pop, Lemon X, Zorro, Mix Fruit Drop, Couff Drops, and Toffee Gold are filled with natural flavours and packaged attractively. The quality of their products has contributed to their increased popularity over the past couple of years as they offer customers the best value for their money.

The Task at Hand

We got an email from Sword Sweet Confectionery requesting for a quotation for a simple website that aesthetically displays their products as well as the customisation of standard company email addresses, for example, XYZ@swordsweet.com. Their company is expanding rapidly; although they have existed for a while, they wanted to embrace digital technology so they needed us to build an online platform that will help them create awareness for their brand and products.

How We Helped

Our team visited Sword Sweet’s office to have a discovery meeting with them and understand the scope of their project; we also went with a photographer who took pictures of their office and samples of their products which were to be displayed on the website. Since Sword Sweet Confectionery wanted a very simple website with few pages, our Web Developers designed and developed a 4-page website with basic pages like Home, About Us, Our Products, and Contact Us. These pages were strategically created to portray who they are, what they offer and how to get in touch with the company. To aid internal and external communication, they needed a customised email address for their organisation and senior staff members so we set this up and delivered it promptly.

Our Project Manager was in constant communication with their team and kept them updated on the progress of their project. Before the project went Live, we went on a second visit to their office to make a demo of the website and listen to their concerns and suggestions which was further implemented.

Project case study

So far, the website has created an avenue for prospects to find out what products are currently available and how they can contact the company to make a purchase. This effort has positioned the company for an increase in leads and conversation; they will also be able to compete healthily with other international confectionery brands.

Project case study


According to our client, "Getting an online presence is pertinent to the growth of any brand, we are glad we took this step. We are a confectionery company and Big Field Digital went all out to make our website look as simple, beautiful and colourful as it deserves to be".

Project case study

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