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Gbadega Adedapo


Web Development Social Media Profiling Digital Marketing.


Rasmed Publications is a leading publisher in the Nigerian publishing industry and has well over 2000 published titles that cover a variety of readers’ preferences. A large number of their titles have been posted and prescribed by the Ministry of Education; this affirms the nature and quality of their instructive and logical materials. Their organization is enrolled with the Nigerian Publishers Association (NPA), African Publishers Network (APNET), and a registered member at the Frankfurt International Book Fair, Germany among other major instructive fairs around the world.

The Task at Hand

Rasmed Publications realized they needed to rebrand their company in order to leverage on digital technology so they hired us at Big Field Digital to get the job done. The project included services in, web design and development, branding, social media profiling and digital marketing. They needed a revamped website for a prominent online presence so that people can get details about their company, what they do, who they are, their partners and also to showcase their brand activities.

How We Helped

This contract was gotten through a referral from a previous client who loved our work. At the initial stage, we had series of meetings via Slack, Whatsapp Group and Email where they shared the goal, objectives of the project, a brief of what they wanted us to do and other necessary information about the company that would be needed for the website creation.

They were specific so we gave them features which include, blog, management profile, about us page, contact details, customer profiles, newsletter, map locator and a link to the product catalogue where people can seamlessly access and download catalogues for different categories.

Before we started the project, we provided wireframes and mockups so that our client will see what the website would look like when it is concluded. The project was successfully implemented by Big Field Digital’s team of web developers, digital marketer and project manager including the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of Rasmed Publications and their Digital and Editorial Departments.

Project case study

Upon completion of the project, Rasmed Publications had an exponential increase in their online visibility; their social media platforms also experienced a constant and high number of followers as well as real-time conversation with customers who engaged directly with them through their website. The demand for their services also increased rapidly.

Project case study


The personal assistant to the Managing Director of Rasmed Publications Limited stated in his review on the project, saying, “their technical abilities, high-quality work, and creative ideas were impressive”. He also mentioned that we provided his project team with top-class communication and that the project was satisfactory from start to finish.


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