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The concept of Price Pronto (an in-house project), was brought about by the Big Field Digital’s CEO and team. It is a business pricing platform for business owners to visualize and manage all their business packages and prices. It takes away the guesswork by allowing them to design service packages and prices, as well as sending exclusive deals to qualified leads. Price Pronto is a proprietary SaaS application and employs a business pricing strategy that was made into a mobile app (android), web app, and landing page.

The Task at Hand

We noticed the difficulty in running a service-based business due to the seemingly slow process of sending out customised sales offers and prices between companies and their client. Therefore, the Big Field Digital team proposed a web and mobile application that would give an accurate quotation for any product/service rendered by a company, without them having to give lots of rough estimates. The aim of the app is to help business owners and their team design service packages and prices, as well as to send exclusive deals to qualified leads. We wanted to put an end to the worries of these business owners who watch their leads slip through their hands due to inadequate pricing or packaging. It was expected that the app should easily give team members access to the latest dynamic PDF pricelist and information which could then be sent to prospects. The system automatically saves these prospects as leads within the system. Our team wanted Price Pronto’s concept to create a culture of running deals periodically in order to encourage sales.

How We Helped

We had noticed that business owners usually memorise or approximate prices of their goods and services while some of them keep a pricelist in Ms-Excel format which they check whenever clients ask for an offer. This led us to develop Price Pronto App, a digital solution for creating and sending business prices, packages, and exclusive deals to business leads.

The app helps business teams to define all services they offer, available packages and deals, gain access to all the latest prices offered in their company in a simple, intuitive and easy to use the system. All data is made accessible from any device and can easily be downloaded, copied, shared or sent to prospects at any time and anywhere. We now encourage business service providers to embrace the easiest way to define prices for their goods and service.

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We offer business owners a free plan to test our pricing system and a premium plan which allows them to add employees/staff in order to have a centralized system for up-to-date price details of their services. Currently, our product only offers monthly and yearly subscription plans and a user is at liberty to either upgrade or cancel their subscriptions at any time with no hidden obligation.

We also partner with top payment companies who store all billing information and payment details on a technology that possesses the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry; they guarantee your safety and security while customer satisfaction remains our topmost priority.

Price Pronto doesn’t require any software but can be accessed on an internet-enabled device (laptop, tablet or mobile phone). Simply log in to the web application or download the android app from Google Playstore. Now your team can close deals faster than ever before; there were over 200 beta users in the first month and it currently has hundreds of users across the world.

Project case study


Having introduced our products to clients, a handful of them returned with comments on how they find the app very useful.


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