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Mobile and Web App for Targeted and Balanced Survey.

Web and mobile app for carrying out targeted surveys.




Full Branding, UI/UX Prototype, Web and Mobile App Development.


SurveyPlus is an established survey company that helps corporate organisations and individual researchers conduct and organise surveys. Their objective is to have an easy-to-use platform where researchers can create and send surveys to the right set of respondents in a timely, secure, and cost-effective manner. With the web and mobile app for online survey which we developed for them, they have the opportunity to onboard participants or respondents and grant them access to a database of surveys that matches their research needs.

The Task at Hand

Over the years they’ve manually collected data from respondents across the country but recently saw the need to expand their operations and digitise their processes. Having been in existence for a couple of years, the company already had a brand name but didn’t have any other brand identity or digital footprint. SurveyPlus found us via search engine while they were looking for a software development company to implement their project. They wanted a web and mobile app that allows users to request a survey or participate in taking surveys (with a token attached). Aside from that, they required us to create a logo for them and come up with a UI/UX prototype to show how the app’s interface will look once it is complete.

How We Helped

After all formalities and discovery meetings, we began the implementation of this project which was to last for 6 months, we broke down the project into phases and assigned responsibilities to the team members involved. Considering all the requirements given to us by our client, we built two apps within the SurveyPlus app – one for the Sponsors (survey owners) and the other for Participants (respondents). We also built two separate portals, one for the Admin and the other for the Survey Agent (individuals appointed to source for participants both online and offline). The app has an Android and an iOS version. 

Some of the exciting features we implemented in the SurveyPlus app include the following:

Participant App

This section of the app allows users to respond to surveys once they meet certain criteria as specified by a survey sponsor. Before a participant’s registration is successful on the app, they must respond to some pre-screening questions. Once verified by the system, they can begin to receive surveys and get paid a token into their e-wallet by completing a survey. This part of the app has some functionalities like:

Survey Notification: Machine learning allows the system to go through new surveys then filters those which meets the profile of participants. If a survey matches their profile they immediately get a notification on the app prompting them to complete the survey.

E-Wallet: Before a participant takes a survey, they can see how much they’ll earn when they complete the survey. As soon as they complete and submit the survey, their token is immediately sent to their e-wallet. From their e-wallet, they can see their account balance and easily transfer the money to their regular bank account.

Location Tracking: To ensure that even after setting up their profile from the onset, the participant still meets the geographical requirement to complete a particular survey.

Sponsor App

The sponsor is the researcher or survey owner. In this section of the app, businesses or individuals who wish to create surveys and get swift responses can do so without spending so much in terms of time and cost. In addition, they can also buy responses by submitting a request to buy responses from targeted participants on the platform. Here, they get to choose from some options to reach their target respondents. 

To get started on the app as a Sponsor, simply register on the app or sign in to use the platform subsequently. Then go-ahead to create your survey either by starting from scratch or using existing survey templates. We integrated Paystack as the payment gateway and this allows the sponsors to pay for surveys through their bank credit/debit cards or via transfer.

After buying a survey on SurveyPlus, the analytics section allows Sponsors to access a summary of all data collected, go through individual responses, create custom charts, and view results in multiple formats. If they aren’t satisfied with the responses they bought on this mobile app for online survey, they can also send a complaint to the admin.

The Admin Portal

From this section of the mobile app for online survey, the admin receives, approves/declines registration request from participants. They can also remove participants from the platform, view active and completed surveys, download survey results, perform custom data analysis for interested researchers, update any due payment for participants, respond to complaints, and carry out a host of other functions.

SurveyPlus has robust features and currently stands out as the only Nigerian survey company with all of these features put together.

The Big Field Digital’s team consisted of 5 key players: The UI/UX Designer who created a prototype and designed the interface of the app to show where all functionalities will fit into and how the entire project will look once completed. Our Graphic Designer handled all the branding related task including the logo design. The Backend Software Engineer built over 60 APIs to ensure all functions in the UI/UX design works accordingly. He used Python as the primary programming language and Django as the web framework. Also, Machine Learning models were applied to carry out the act of filtering and recommending the right survey that participants should take. Two of our Frontend Software Engineers used ReactJS and Flutter to develop the frontend of the app, work on the admin section, web and mobile app interface, as well as implement the APIs provided by the Backend Engineer. 

Lastly, our Project Manager ensured the smooth implementation of tasks by all team members involved as well as manage the communication within the team and with members of our client’s team. We used project management tools like Microsoft Azzure for project planning, assigning tasks, and monitoring. Slack, WhatsApp, and Zoom were used for communication.

Project case study

With this platform, the company can now upload to the app the thousands of surveys gathered over the years. This gives them a large database from which Sponsors can buy responses relevant to surveys they intend to carry out. They will also sign up more agents from across the country to help them source for participants and market this tool both online and offline. Additionally, Nigerians who use this app can earn points for taking surveys which can then be converted to money.

Project case study


The client is utterly happy and pleased with the implementation of their requirements. According to them, “all we had in mind for this project has been brought to Live.”


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