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Google and Social Media Ads for Ammani Farms

Digital marketing campaign for an agricultural company in Katsina State, Nigeria.


Ammani Farms


Pay-Per-Click Ads, Responsive Website Development, Social Media Management, Content Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Photography


Ammani Farms and Agro-Allied Limited (Sai Ka Gani) is a Nigerian agricultural company with 3,000 hectares of farmland where various crops like Maize, Rice, Sorghum, Millet, Beans, Sugar Cane, Soya Beans, Groundnut, Guava are cultivated and livestock are reared. Averagely, the company produces 15,000 tons of maize yearly which is used to process their Maize Flour (Garin Masara) product that is sold in markets across Nigeria, Chad, Niger, and Benin Republic; their goal remains to provide healthy food for the family. Currently, the company is being run by Alhaji Aminu Garba Ammani and they also help other farmers in the areas of Consultancy and Farm Infrastructure Management while providing jobs for over 500 people to alleviate poverty in the country.

The Task at Hand

Ammani Farms and Agro-Allied Limited has been in existence since the 1970s but before they contacted us, they had no online footprint. The farm was undergoing some renovation and the company needed an effective means to showcase their Maize Flour to customers and prospects, especially those in other regions of the country apart from Katsina State where they are based. Most importantly, they needed us to take pictures of their farm, products, staff, structures, animals, and other content that will be used to promote them on social media.

How We Helped

Like every other project, this also required proper planning. Our Digital Marketing team began by creating a brief containing our proposed strategies. In line with our client’s budget, we selected the most cost-effective strategies which included Responsive Website Development and Design, Social Media Strategy, Management, and Advertising,  Google Display Ads and Search Marketing, Content Development, and SEO. Before we began to implement the strategies, we created a Gantt Chart where we divided the project into these 4 broad stages: Project Conception, Project Definition and Planning, Project Initiation, Project Performance/Monitoring; we also identified the timeline for each activity.

Our photographer was sent to Ammani Farms in Katsina State on two different occasions to capture the farm. Simultaneously, we set up all their social media accounts, email address, and developed a simple but responsive website with 6 pages where people can learn more about the company and see what products are available. A three months social media editorial calendar was created to guide the team on what content to put out daily. We reclaimed Ammani Farms on Google My Business, Connect Nigeria and other business inventory platforms. Their website housed their blog and our Copywriter created blog posts to educate visitors on agricultural practices used by our client, as well as other enlightening content. Social Media and Google Display Ads campaign were run and monitored with the objectives of increasing awareness and getting people to visit their landing page.

Project case study

Impressively, in 3 months we achieved our KPIs. Ammani Farm's website received over 2,460 visitors from its launch date until January 2020. Our digital marketing effort was targeted towards men and women in Nigeria who are between the ages of 17 and 65 years.

Six social media campaigns were executed to direct traffic to the brand's Instagram page, this campaign had a reach of over 118,976 accounts while 5,116 visitors landed on their Instagram page. We used video ads which played for a total of 65,986 times, to reach 412,864 people. To generate Facebook likes, we ran 3 different campaigns which reached 242,879 audiences and produced 33,234 page likes. On a general note, Ammani Farms and Agro-Allied Limited’s social media campaign produced 1,533,881 impressions, 83,744 post engagement, 7,112 link clicks and reached 775,943 users.

Also, we ran Google Display Ads campaign which gave us 6.61 million impressions, 3.29k clicks. On Social Media Management, we were able to get 1,910 followers and 55 inquiries on Instagram, with 83 inquiries on Facebook and 3 on Twitter all within three months. Furthermore, through the optimization of all pages on their website, we have been able to bring Ammani Farms and Agro-Allied Limited to the front page of search engines.

Project case study

"We are proud of your job. Your digital marketing effort for our business has been a game-changer, Ammani Farms has suddenly gotten the attention of people in distant locations within and outside Nigeria (Scotland). The recommendations your team gave us in your monthly report has helped us improve our activities and position us for global growth. You are the best, and we are glad to retain you as the agency in charge of our marketing campaigns." - General Manager of Ammani Farms.
Project case study

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