The making of the first truly unified platform that connects food lovers to their favourite restaurants in Ibadan. Foodruns is a startup restaurant food delivery company based in Ibadan, Nigeria. Our team worked closely with the founder who is based in Canada to deliver a platform experience that connects food lovers to their favourite restaurants and canteens. We use communication and collaboration tools in conjunction with an effective project management strategy to ensure smooth communication between the stakeholders.


The Brief

People love their foods. The founder wanted a food delivery platform that is mobile and innovation-driven. Before now, there was no known food delivery platform in Ibadan that integrates consumers and food vendors together via an app, so the project was going to be first of its kind in the city of Ibadan. Therefore, we knew what our idea was going to solve.

The client also wanted to take the delivery stress off the food vendors and ensure that consumers actually order dishes to be delivered from their favourite restaurants.

Our research started with the client’s friend, who owns a restaurant. He told us that it was stressful for his restaurant to handle delivery because it was not only eating into their time but it was also costly to run. We reached out to another restaurant who found the idea pleasing; the fact that there’s a platform to ease their delivery stress and take the job off them.

The Task at hand

To create an online platform and mobile app (Android & iOs) that would serve both food vendors and consumers, all in one fast app, such that consumers would have the option to pick their dishes from their favourite canteens or restaurants’ menu and make payment. Once an order is placed, a notification message will be sent to the customer and admin accordingly. It is also important to have an admin control panel to be able to manage the orders, customer profiles, outlets or restaurants, coupon codes, products and more.


How we helped

First, we carried out feasibility studies to gather enough information that will help in the design and development of the project in its entirety. We spoke to stakeholders in the food business.

We also designed and developed the coming soon landing page which had a countdown to the launch date. We quickly developed the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with just enough features to drive the functionalities. We set up the Backend server infrastructure and created the API for consuming data by any mobile or web client, from one backend infrastructure. We took the hybrid approach for developing mobile apps (Android and iOs).

We were able to create a platform for both food vendors and consumers alike. For food vendors, the platform is available to see who ordered from them and monitor orders from their end through the entire chain. This gives them insights as to how their products are ordered and consumed by end users; For instance, it could help determine the kind of food that gets most orders and the location or target audience that consumes such food.

For the end users, it will give them the opportunity to select their favourite dishes ordered from their favourite restaurants. We also integrated Paystack, the easiest and most secure payment system for Africa. It allowed payment by card, bank and through the GTB 737 payment.

Branding (Digital and Conventional)

Starting from the idea conceptualization, Big Field Digital was there from the onset to refine and breathe life to the idea. We came up with the Brand name after series of befitting name suggestions. We created the logo, the final of which was selected from a number of design directions/concepts. We also offered various online and printed artworks that includes signage, flyers, T-Shirts, car stickers, booklet cover, on location event banner, social media count down graphics and more.




App Platforms

We used industry leading development tools and frameworks to design the UI/UX of the platform, such that it is pleasing to use and convenient to track orders as well as ensure absolute control for admin. The platform is available as a web application and mobile app. We later submitted the app to Google Play Store and iOS App store. The apps were available to consumers to download and use at the launch date.

Digital and conventional marketing

As soon as the Minimum Viable Product was ready, we moved into the Social media launch plan created from our digital marketing strategy. This included content development for online and offline awareness and engagement. Our team worked assiduously to ensure that the right content is put up every day to attract and retain the right kind of audience. We ran Pre-launch contest, which gave selected winners a ticket for free food at a chosen restaurant on the day of launching.


Digital Partnership

Beyond the fact that we were the technology partner, we also wanted to ensure that Foodruns was given the necessary and adequate support necessary it to fly. We contacted the restaurants and convinced them to come on board to partner with the brand. We came up with contracts and agreement to that effect. We were also involved in ensuring that the logistics elements such as delivery bikes and boxes were put in place. In addition, we also helped in the recruitment of logisticians and accountant for the day-to-day business operation of the business.

The Result

On January 15th, Foodruns launched with a bang. We were supper happy to be part of the brand story. The project took about 8 weeks. We were able to drive engagements on social media handles, hundreds of sign-up on our website and live event.

• Instant impact and acceptance by many users who were already tired with existing food delivery companies who operate manually by using phone calls for orders and disappointing with delivery timeframe and order specification since the customers did not have access to a platform like Foodruns that gave them the convenience to digitally pick food from the restaurants menu, mix and match and clear on the expected delivery.

• Hundreds of Users within the first of month.

• Super fast platform functionality (Easy to order, and make payment, Instant notification of orders to the customers and admin)

• Instant acceptance by local restaurants who were eager to come onboard seeing how efficient the platform is

• Online engagement skyrocketed, leading to overwhelming orders on the platform.

Client’s testimonial

Thrilled is an understatement. Working with the Big Field Team is a dream come true. I’m overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ideas and strategies that the team brought to the table, which helped make the dream a reality.