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A unified platform that connects food lovers to their favourite restaurants in Ibadan.


Adewale Adedapo


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The founder of Foodruns wanted a mobile and innovation-driven food delivery platform. Before now, there was hardly any food delivery platform in Ibadan that integrates consumers and food vendors via an app, so the project was going to be the first of its kind in the city of Ibadan. The client’s intention was to help food vendors bear the burden of delivery and ensure that customers are able to place an order for their favourite dishes from restaurants within Ibadan.

We began our research by speaking with the client’s friend who owns a restaurant; he made us understand that it was not only stressful to handle food delivery but also expensive. We reached out to another restaurant and they welcomed the idea of a food delivery platform to make their job easy.

The Task at hand

The client needed us to create a speedy online platform and mobile app (Android & iOS) that would serve both food vendors and their customers. We were to build an admin control panel to manage customers’ profiles, orders, outlets or restaurants, coupon codes, products and more. Once an order is placed from the menu list and payment is made, a notification should be sent to the customer and restaurant admin respectively.

How we helped

First, we carried out feasibility studies by gathering information that will be needed for the implementation of the project, then designed a landing page which counted down to the launch date. Using the hybrid approach, we developed a website and mobile application for Android and iOS users and the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) had enough features to drive the functionalities.

With the app, food vendors and their customers could easily make sales and satisfy their cravings respectively. Restaurants are able to monitor those placing orders, get an insight on their preferences and precise location while end-users get to order their favourite meal from the restaurants. We integrated Paystack, the easiest and most secure payment system in Africa which allows card, bank, or GTB 737 payment methods.

Altogether we offered them the following services, branding (brand name choice, logo design, publicity banner design and promotions), web and mobile application with UI/UX design, digital marketing (Minimum Viable Product, social media launch plan, content development, engagement, as well as off and online awareness) and digital partnership which involved us marketing the product to restaurants, ensuring the availability of logistics (bikes and boxes), recruiting logisticians and an accountant for the daily operation of the business.

In anticipation of the big day, we ran a pre-launch contest, which gave selected winners a free food ticket at a chosen restaurant on the launching date; the app was also made available for download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store on the same day.

Project case study

The project took about 8 weeks and was launched on January 15th. The  product was instantly accepted by both restaurants and customers alike and there were over a hundred users within the first month. Social media engagement skyrocketed which led to an overwhelming number of orders via the platform. We are super happy to have been a part of their brand story.

Project case study


This is the comment of our client after the delivery of the project, "thrilled is an understatement. Working with the Big Field Digital Team is a dream come true. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of ideas and strategies the team brought to the table; it all made the dream a reality".


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