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Jacqueline Shaw


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Jacqueline Shaw is the Director of Africa Fashion Guide (AFG), a social enterprise and sourcing agency that needed Social Media Ads services. She is the author of the coffee table book, FASHION AFRICA. As a professional Fashion Designer, she has worked with and made designs for various fashion companies like PUMA, Russell Athletic, FILA, C&A in Germany, Kingsheen in Turkey and Babylon Princess (Talent in Shanghai) China, to name a few.

Jacqueline established Africa Fashion Guide with the objective of promoting African fashion as well as creating links between African fashion businesses and the foreign fashion retail and consumer market.

The Task at Hand

After working with freelance Ad Managers for quite a while, Jacqueline Shaw was displeased with the poor management and feedback mechanism she had experienced with them. So she contacted us at Big Field Digital because she needed a professional digital agency to handle her social media ads.

How We Helped

We started by creating a feedback mechanism (WhatsApp group) to ensure constant communication with her, then we created a custom audience to target everyone who engaged with contents on her social media pages (Instagram and Facebook) and website. We tested various social media ads copy and landing pages to see which brought about the most conversions while we retargeted recent ads that greatly converted audiences. She also got reports and reviews from us on a monthly basis.

Project case study

The contract began in April 2019 as Big Field Digital successfully created more Ads for her webinars, social media channels, call bookings and fashion conference. While we still used her previous Ads budget, her reach increased by 112.90%, with an increase of 42.91% in Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and her website lead went up by 28000.00% at the end of the first month.

Currently, we have created a total of 17 Ads which have generated over 160,000 impressions, 120,000 reach, 1.3% CTR with over 1500 conversions, and an average of 30% conversion rate. So far, her project has been an exciting experience; since she is impressed with what we do, she still trusts us to handle her Social Media Ads till date.

Project case study


On our Clutch review, the client said our patience, professionalism, and constant communication impresses her.


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