We are looking for experienced Full-Stack Software Engineers to join our team at Big Field Digital, Ibadan. Our ideal candidates must have at least 3+ years of commercial software engineering and web development experience. You must be talented and specialise in a range of front-end and back-end development technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React/VueJs, Java or Swift, Flutter, Python Django or PHP Laravel frameworks, API consumption and creation.


Key Skills

Java, Swift, Javascript, React, HTML5, CSS3.


  • Intensive skills and expertise to transform designs and interfaces into complex, striking mobile apps and websites.
  • Someone who enjoys being creative, designs stunning web page and builds effective application logic.
  • An individual who prides him/herself in building apps and websites with clean code using the latest technologies and optimising it across devices.
  • Software Engineers with a passion for digital culture and the invention of solutions to tomorrow’s challenges today.
  • Someone with the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues across diverse disciplines.


  • Collaborate with Designers, Strategists, Analysts, and other Software Engineers to create clean, user-friendly mobile and web apps/websites, responsive software programs and compelling campaigns.
  • Drive innovation in both our clients’ and company's systems, processes, and technology stacks.
  • Spark creativity across the entire team.
  • Track industry trends and find opportunities to apply them to our work.
  • Mentor and train junior developers.
  • Help source and vet technology partners that can take our work to the next level.


  • Great communication skill.
  • Creative and resourceful in developing high-performance websites.
  • Ability to wear multiple hats and prioritize.
  • A methodical and thorough approach to work.
  • Possess great interpersonal and customer relation skills.
  • An excellent attitude with a professionally friendly disposition.
  • Customer/client management skills.
  • Excellent English writing and verbal skills.
  • Confident and bold disposition.
  • Good presentation, listening and critical thinking skills.
  • Good organizational and problem-solving abilities.
  • A forward-thinking and innovative approach to tasks.

When Applying

  • In 1-2 sentences, tell us why you want to work at Big Field Digital.
  • Tell us about yourself in not more than two compelling sentences.
  • Please attach a properly written and updated CV as well as a Cover Letter.
  • We would love to see samples of your previously created works, can we take a look at your portfolio?
  • All documents should be sent to careers@bigfielddigital.com; don't forget to include your social media handles.

Please note that this role is not for beginners! We are looking for experienced professionals.

What we’ll offer you

  • Highly competitive salary.
  • A conducive, friendly, and cool work environment with a team of talented professionals
  • Free regular outings; we love to go out and have fun together.
  • Birthday celebrations; we recognize milestones and love to celebrate them. Every birthday at Big Field Digital is celebrated by the team in grand style.