Big Field Digital is looking for a highly motivated and experienced Mobile App Developer with proven professional experience in Flutter Development to join our team. Candidates must have hands-on experience of translating/converting wireframes and UI mockups into amazing Mobile Apps (iOs and Android) with top User Experience (UX), as well as an understanding of Agile methodology.  We are NOT looking junior developers, we are NOT looking for developers with a basic working knowledge of Flutter, but we are searching for someone who is truly top-notch at Mobile App Development using Flutter/Dart.

Big Field Digital is an award-winning Software Engineering, Digital Growth and Marketing agency in Ibadan. We are one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in Nigeria. We work with clients in Nigeria, Ghana, USA, UK, and Canada. Already in our team, you’ll find experienced Software Engineers and Digital Marketers.

Key Skills

Dart, Flutter, UI/UX in Mobile App, Bloc Pattern, and Redu.


Our preferred candidates must meet our stated requirements and we can’t wait to have you sweep us off our feet.

  • Highly-proficient/advanced in Dart and Flutter.
  • Ability to translate/convert Functional Document Specifications (FSDs) and UI Mockups into functional Mobile Apps (iOS and Android).
  • Advanced experience in debugging, testing, optimisation. You must also have the ability to create animations in Mobile Apps.
  • General knowledge of Location Services, Maps, and other common Android/iOS libraries is highly required.
  • Apart from being highly creative and innovative, you must fully understand the theoretical and practical difference between UI/UX in Mobile App.
  • Ability to clearly communicate research and Mobile UI/UX ideas to the rest of the team and upper management.
  • Understanding of at least one Architecture such as Bloc pattern, Redux, e.t.c.
  • Experience working in an Agile development team and proficient in the use of Confluence, JIRA, and Slack.
  • Must have a great understanding of user behaviour and psychology.
  • Understand how to align business/marketing goals with technology when implementing UI Designs for Mobile Apps.


  • Should be willing to start work immediately or within a short notice.
  • Will be required to work remotely until the COVID-19 situation is over, thereafter, you will be working from our office in Ibadan. If you are not a resident of Ibadan, you should be willing to relocate to Ibadan (free accommodation will be provided for 1 year).
  • Must be 100% committed and ready to work full time. We are not looking for a freelancer.
  • You will enjoy competitive pay and an opportunity to work on top-notch projects.
  • Work PC/Mac.

Join a team of young, passionate, and highly experienced Software Engineers developing various top mobile and web apps that will shape the future.

Hint: Your cover letter should discuss your previous Flutter projects with relevant links to your portfolio, and why you will like to join our team.

Note: We are willing to negotiate a great salary for any candidate who can show superior experience in this field. Again, we’ll happily offer FREE one-year accommodation if the ideal candidate will be relocating to Ibadan from another state. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the candidate will be required to work remotely until it is safe to work in an office environment.

Proven years of experience is required; therefore, beginners and inexperienced Flutter Developers need not apply. We also respectfully ask that recruitment agencies SHOULD NOT contact us about this role. No exceptions.

Your CV and Cover letter should be sent to on or before 17th July 2020.