About the Role

Regardless of the size of an organisation, the need to control and monitor cash flow is essential, for this reason, the role of a financial accountant cannot be overlooked. As an Accountant at Big Field Digital, you will be dealing with matters relating to taxation, payroll, budgeting, risk control, auditing, bookkeeping and financial reports. The role gives you an opportunity to truly explore several areas of the profession and stay current with financial trends and national policies. This role is open to certified professionals who meet our description below.

Key Skills

Microsoft Excel, Financial & Business Acumen, Application of Accounting Principle.


Our preferred candidates must meet our stated requirements and we can’t wait to have you sweep us off our feet.

  • Candidates with a BSc. or HND degree in Accounting and has successfully completed the compulsory NYSC year with not less than 2 years of experience in a similar role.
  • An individual who clearly understands double-entry bookkeeping and accounting reports.
  • A creative and analytic mind who can perform all functions with high levels of accuracy and is conversant with at least one financial management software.
  • Ladies who meet the criteria are strongly advised to apply.


  • To objectively analyse financial statements, substantiate and control financial transaction as well as accountancy matters by consistently auditing documents.
  • Ensure record systems are maintained in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, and forecast expenses budget.
  • Update Imprest account (Expenses and Received Account), Statement of Expenses and Cash Flow, Client Record, Assets Account, Receivable Account, Payable Account, and other financial transactions daily.
  • Prepare staff payslip, salary payment voucher, and other payments through proper verification of documents.
  • Prepare the company's monthly profit and loss accounts, financial statements, reports, and special analyses. You will also be securing financial information by completing database backups.
  • Research on the latest industry trends, interpret accounting policies and regulations.
  • It will be your duty to ensure that high standards of financial control is maintained in the company.
  • Prepare monthly report, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, pay and submit monthly VAT to FIRS.


  • Great communication skills.
  • Ability to organise and prioritize tasks.
  • A thorough, detailed approach to work.
  • Excellent numeracy and IT Skills (Microsoft Excel is a must).
  • A creative mind who is keen to grow, and can bring his/her imagination to life while working independently and in a team.
  • Possess great interpersonal and customer relation skills.
  • An excellent attitude with a professionally friendly disposition.
  • Confident and bold disposition.
  • Possess an innovative approach to handling financial matters.
  • Open, proactive, friendly, and fun to be with.

If you are young and possess the energy we seek, why not show us what you’ve got; send your application to us!

When Applying

  • In 1 - 2 sentences, tell us why you want to work at Big Field Digital.
  • Tell us about yourself in not more than two compelling sentences.
  • Please attach a properly written and updated CV as well as a Cover Letter.
  • We would love to see samples of your previously created works, can we take a look at your portfolio?
  • All documents should be sent to careers@bigfielddigital.com; don't forget to include your social media handles.

Please note that this role is not for beginners! We are looking for an experienced professional.

What we’ll offer you

  • Highly competitive salary.
  • A conducive, friendly, and cool work environment with a team of talented professionals
  • Free regular outings; we love to go out and have fun together.
  • Birthday celebrations; we recognize milestones and love to celebrate them. Every birthday at Big Field Digital is celebrated by the team in grand style.