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How to Build an Enviable Reputation with Social Media Marketing

Traditionally, reputation management was left to the Public Relations department until the internet came to change everything with the help of social media. Today, building an enviable reputation is an essential part of social media marketing.

Non-profit and businesses alike can use social media to attend to real-time customer service and monitor its reputation score with some social media marketing tools.

Before we get on to talking about reputation score and the tools you can use to measure it, let’s talk about why you should hold an enviable reputation as a non-profit or a business.

With the advancement in technology, more people have been aided to pursue their dreams of solving the world’s problems either as a non-profit social enterprise or business.  However, this has also improved competition.

There are hundreds or thousands of establishments doing the same thing as you, thereby competing with you for grants from the same organizations, donations from the same group of people and maybe sales in the same area.

This is the reason why organizations need to hold an enviable reputation to enhance their brand.

Reputation management is simply public relations, but this time it is solely about monitoring and responding to social media – a process you must never ignore.

Now that we’ve talked about why you should build a good reputation, let’s talk about how to do it.

To build an enviable reputation with social media; you must respond to mentions, questions, and complaints as soon as possible whether they are negative, neutral or positive.

Listening is an expectation on social media and especially with organizations.

Picture this…

You stopped at a restaurant which you’ve wanted to eat at for some time and asked one of the attendants about the menu list – only to be left waiting for 20 minutes. How would you feel?

Exactly, that’s how it is. Although 20 minutes is forgivable on social media, the point here is to respond as soon as possible because it earns you more likability and trust – within 12 hours is acceptable.

But do not just respond; resolve the issue as soon as possible too, preferably within 24 hours.

To be able to respond quickly, you need to engage social media marketing tools like; Google Alerts, Mentions or Radian 6.

Google Alerts is a freemium tool, to begin with, but Mentions and Radian 6 are paid tools with limited free trials. Nevertheless, you can try the three to determine the one that suits you. Mentions is a good tool to use because it is easy to use, we recommend you research on these tools.

Growth is essential for every organization regardless of its size, to this end; the importance of reputation management cannot be understated especially with social media marketing strategy


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