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Brand Awareness on Social Media: Startups’ Guide

Brand Awareness on Social Media: Startups’ Guide

Social media could help your business in more ways than you’ve been thinking. One of them is being an easy path to brand awareness.

Thousands of brands leverage on social media to set out in digital marketing. There’s a reason for that.

The first concern of most businesses is to not be lost in the crowd of digital space, but social media makes it easier to get in. Not just to get in, but to get in with significance.

I’ll teach you how to implement this idea in your business.

You see,  brand awareness could be likened to bringing your business to public notice.  No one will do business with you without knowing about your existence at all. In short, it’s the idea of announcing your presence.

So, if your business is just getting on the digital marketing momentum, these recommendations will place your business in a perfect position.

As a plus, you can implement them on any budget.

Promote Your Facebook Page

There is a limitation to what you can achieve on Facebook without using ads. But with the proper strategy, you won’t spend too much.

Of your ad budget, spend 75% on page likes and 25% to boost your best contents. You should spend more on Facebook likes because it saves up your audience. These people will be available to consume your contents in the future.

The other 25% will increase impressions for your contents. This will help in building credibility for your brand.

However, remember this works best for brand awareness. If you’re already known in your industry, you can read this guide on conversion.

Use Instagram Actively

Above every other visual-related social media channels, Instagram stands out for its easy accessibility. It simplifies sharing of visual contents.

Again, while YouTube and Pinterest are more about resources, Instagram focuses on connecting. So, the 400 million daily users are here to connect. You should leverage on that motive to boost visibility for your brand awareness.

Set up a business account on Instagram. Examples of best content types are Instagram stories, quote graphics and your products, all with relevant hashtags.  Wordstream released a stat recently on best Instagram usage.

instagram statistics

Another thing is that you should link your Instagram business account with your Facebook page (and other channels). This synergy will get your business out there faster.

YouTube + Twitter  and Website

It’s high time you become more interested in videos.

It’s becoming the face of the internet. But it won’t reflect on your business goals if not used rightly.  Good enough, YouTube has made it easy to host your videos online. The job you’re left with is effective distribution.

And you don’t have to sweat about that. You can do it with your Twitter account and your website.Except you have a bogus budget, I don’t recommend ads on these platforms yet.

Except you have a bogus budget, I don’t recommend ads on these platforms yet.

So, this is how it works.

Share your videos on Twitter, as direct contents. This is an example of what I mean.

youtube in tweets

Twitter works best for content distribution. You can trust to get a satisfactory number of clicks over a few days.

At the same time, you should be working on growing your Twitter account. This article will help you get started on that.

Now, on your website.

You should have pages dedicated to videos as well blog post with videos. Simply use your social media channels to drive traffic to them.

However, keep in mind to have annotations and CTAs in your videos.

Using this method, you can grow your YouTube subscribers, increase website traffic and increase your brand’s credibility.

Twitter Networking

Now, this is different from content distribution.

I have found that the best way to increase brand’s visibility on Twitter is through networking. Social networking implies interacting with other Twitter users.

The idea is to find people with similar interests to one’s own, and relate to them and their contents. For example, I can share contents from companies like MailChimp, Buffer or KissMetrics. They will appreciate my gesture with a retweet.

I’m doing this with caution, though. You’ll notice these companies are not our direct competitors.

Using this method, I increased our daily Tweet impressions by 1000%. That’s how amazing the results could be.

I’ve seen global brands implement these strategies. They can increase visibility for your brand also.

You can expect to see results within a week of doing this. It’s a synergy that works for every business.

I’m sure this steps will transform your business. Extend that to others by sharing this article.

And if there’s something you’ll like to add, feel free to use the comment box.


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