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Big Field Digital Named By Clutch As One Of Africa’s Top Digital Agencies.

The Big Field Digital team just heard some major news! Clutch.co named Big Field Digital as one of the world’s top digital agencies! Development is making waves as one of the best investments in your business, with article after article talking about why investing in things like mobile and web development is the right choice for more and more companies when they move forward with development.

This new wave has seen the birth of a good number of companies providing digital solutions to businesses but we pride ourselves as a digital agency in Nigeria that seeks to make a difference in the digital landscape. That is why we’re so honoured for Clutch to name us one of the best! It affirms that we are doing something right.

“We are honoured to have been chosen as one of the top B2B companies in Africa”

– Moses Adetola, CEO, Big Field Digital.

Clutch.co is a company dedicated to providing buyers of B2B services the most important information when they purchase B2B services. Their team sits in the heart of America’s capital city and takes the time to interview clients, verify the reviews independently to ensure their accuracy, and curate the content so that you can feel confident the next time you purchase B2B services. Therefore, only companies truly worthy get a Clutch Award.

This is why we’re so thrilled to highlight our Clutch profile and our stellar star average as one of Africa’s top digital agencies! We are so honoured because it shows that our hard work is paying off. And in addition to the award, our clients appreciating our good work gives us great satisfaction. For instance, in a recent review, the IT specialist for Nigeria International Book Fair Trust praised our web development and rebranding and we couldn’t be more proud.

We created a virtual platform and organized the first virtual edition of the Nigeria International Book Fair, something we were capable of but had not done before this project. So, when we were approached, because we are a company that believes nothing is impossible, we took on the challenge. We are happy that the event was successful and the team of the Nigeria International Book Fair Trust were left satisfied.

Big Field Digital Named By Clutch As One Of Africa’s Top Digital Agencies.

For us, one of our core values is clients’ success, so it makes us really glad when whatever service we offer our client influences or ensures their success.  And we are always grateful to our clients for acknowledging and appreciating our hard work by leaving us positive reviews. Thanks to these enthusiastic positive reviews from our satisfied customers, Clutch ranked us as one of the top B2B providers on Clutch in AFRICA! It’s a privilege to make their resource shortlist.

We’re incredibly grateful to Clutch for selecting us, and once again, even more, grateful to our many happy customers who left us great reviews on their platform!

If you’re interested in mobile and web development or you are a satisfied client who wants to scale digitally, we are just a call away, reach out to us today!


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