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Big Field Digital Academy; A Place for Aspiring Tech Professionals.

We are super excited to announce the launch of our latest product, Big Field Digital Academy. Big Field Digital Academy is an initiative of Big Field Digital to satisfy the thirst of many Nigerian youths for practical-based training to ensure they are job-ready at the point of course completion. Considering the different enquiries we have gotten for the past five years about training and also noting the yearn of youths in Nigeria and Africa at large for practical training that is missing in the formal education environment, we decided to establish an academy that will serve as a knowledge-sharing centre where willing individuals who are interested in a career in the digital space can acquire top in-demand professional digital skills.

The training is open to both beginners and intermediate candidates. We have foundational courses for those who are beginning and beyond-the-basic courses for the latter. If you are a recent graduate, unemployed, already in the industry and want to improve your skills or looking for a career change, this academy was established with you in mind to help you acquire the right practical skills to excel in your career.

Also, we have a corporate training programme for corporate organisations who are interested in training their staff on certain necessary digital skills. It is evident that businesses now have to take advantage of digital skills and tools if they want to sustain their business and remain relevant in the business world. Therefore, our programme helps you develop in-house digital tech teams who can solve digital marketing and tech related-issues in line with your business objectives.

We have a range of courses divided into two cohorts. The first cohort will kick off in January 2021 and the second cohort will start in March for a period of four-six weeks each, depending on the course.

The courses for the first cohort are Data Science for Business, Foundational Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurial Skills For Starting and Growing A Business, Machine Learning Bootcamp, Full-Stack Development with React, NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB, Social Media Marketing, Foundational Software Programming, Foundational Web Development, Foundational UI/UX Design, Foundational Graphic Design, Google Ads and Analytics, Content Marketing (Copywriting & Email), and WordPress Website Development, while the course for the second cohort is Converting Your Software to a Product.

Big Field Digital Academy is officially our attempt to significantly contribute to the development of professional digital skills across Nigeria and Africa at large. If you are interested in digital skills or want to improve on your digital skills, you can reach out to us and let’s get you ready to land your dream job in the digital industry.


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