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Be A Better Digital Agent By Carrying Out Audience Analysis.

We all know how digital marketing has drastically changed the way marketing and advertising are is done these days. Unlike traditional marketing and advertising campaign, digital marketing does not disperse the same content across multiple audiences. In fact, it is characterized by the ability to churn out personalized contents for the needs  of target audience.

Whether via cookies-based targeting on browsers and sites, or voluntarily, through signing up of social account preferences and subscriptions, to posting following trends, being followed, the digital audience constantly inundates the data miners with enough details to warrant a directed campaign.

What is thus left is for the data miners and digital agents is to interpret the details left around in patches and change the world of digital advertisement with them!

Consider what the acronym of the word “audience” stands for in digital marketing. This will practically change the way you view your audience from today as a digital marketing agent / agency.

Acronym for ‘audience’ in digital marketing


Who are your audience? It is important for you to discern the market share of the whole internet mass that your digital marketing campaign is targeting. This can be gotten through an analysis of the market to reveal the audience that shows a preference for what you have to offer.

Overall, this task falls under the jurisdiction of your community manager. Being in direct contact with the social audience, he/she is in the best position to do a thorough analysis of the information type that appeals to your prospects, know the style to use, the format they respond well to and the discussions they are most prone to engage in. This analysis will help you understand the pulse of your audience and how to meet them at their need points.



Here, I am talking about the perception of your audience towards your brand, and their behavior towards it. This understanding is very important in your audience analysis. This is because the lack of adequate or correct knowledge in the hand of your audience can throw your campaign off balance.

It couldn’t get any worse if your audiences have a contrary perception from what your brand represents. You would have lost your audience even before they get to know you. Also pertinent is the attitude of the audience towards your brand.

It is important to take this part very keenly because audience misperception of brands and products accounted for more than 36% of the loss to competition as reported by a study. So, it should be the top-most priority for you to know how the audience understands what your brand stands for.


Since the internet is congested with millions of people engaging in conversations, it should be expected that these conversations cut across borders. These large online personalities are distinguishable by their actions and dissected into demographics.

For a well-rounded audience analysis, you as a digital agent needs to get vital information on the audience who are interacting or showing interest about your brand. Anything from age, education, location, gender etc. can avail you with more insight to dissect your audience better and know what content to serve to whom.


Talking about interest, you need to know what tickles and inspires your audience. Knowing their interest makes your digital marketing campaign way easier. You know the precise content type and format that your prospects yield and respond to and also what they bypass. Nothing could be more pleasing.

Knowing the interest of your audience gives you the edge of churning out contents that are tailored to their needs, and desires. In the digital world where content is king, you will do better as a digital agent to deliver personalized contents to your audience. It is the least you can do for them.


Having enough knowledge of your audience’s environment has to do with understanding where they spend time when they’re online. This will provide you with adequate insight about why they will make certain decisions and desist from engaging in certain discourses.

Explaining this with physical actions is like knowing what section of the grocery store a customer turns to whenever she comes into your brick-and-mortar store or what location a client choose to spend their holiday. Like the internet, the environment that your audiences hang out says a lot about them and that comes in handy for audience analysis.


Here, your concern is to know how the needs of your audience are connected to what your brand delivers. Does your service address any of the needs that are deducible or conspicuous from his patterns?

This knowledge can guide in many ways; from redesigning your campaign so that it caters for those highlighted needs, to sensitizing them about the extensive use of your service for addressing their needs.  Everything is possible when you get to know the pressing needs of your audience.


Having known the needs of your audience through audience survey, you can now customize your product, service or brand to address those needs.

Whether you are just conducting a survey of the number of prospects who may use your products or preparing to launch an online campaign, audience analysis comes in handy in helping to customize your product or service to meet a need.


On a final note, audience analysis helps you to make that final connection with your prospect: engage with them. What could be more, you now understand them so much you can engage them in productive conversations that have the potency to breed conversion.

Now that you have the breakdown on audience analysis, I believe you will do better in your next campaign. Go and be a better digital agent with results to show.



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