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Awesome Ways A Professional Website Will Grow Your Business

Promoting a business online should be the next big step you should take on behalf of your company. Nearly, 3.5Billion people are online every day.

According to Internet World Stats, 453 million people are on the internet monthly in Africa, while Nigeria specifically accounts for 98 million internet users monthly.

It is apparent that scaling your business through online activities can generate millions of views. These views result in conversions when properly channelled.

The importance of having a professional website to grow your business cannot be overstated. Your customers expect it, and it does create a web footprint and credibility for you.

Your competitors have it, and you most definitely do not want your business to be open only in the day-time in this century.

Majority of people make purchases in the comfort of their homes later in the day. Having a professional website increases your business value and influence.

Further highlighting

…the core objectives for setting up a company initially, growing your business online:

  • is less expensive and satisfactory.
  • helps to create your brand’s identity and builds your reputation online.
  • helps increase accessibility to build a better relationship with prospective clients for long-term purpose.
  • is easy to use and update thereby, helping to increase sales opportunities.
  • helps improve the effectiveness of your advertising by reducing printing and distribution costs while reaching 10x more people.
  • improves productivity and educates customers.
  • helps to extend the local reach and subsequently expand your market.


Adding the necessary Features

Having digested the benefits of growing your business online by setting up a professional website, it is imperative that the content and features of your website correlate with the objectives of your company.

Most basic of all the features are your contact information. These comprise of your phone number, email address, hours of business and a locational map inclusive.


Subsequently, your website should unveil the company’s information showing the “about us” page and a picture of the owner(s), a brief history of the business, your portfolio – a page dedicated to your product, services, and information of professional bodies you have worked with.

A professional website’s brand essentials are a logo, customer testimonials, call to action (C.T.A), offers or discounts, and a signup form. The website’s load time must be as short as possible, and it should be mobile friendly.



Reflecting your Characteristics

As the business owner, the process of developing a professional website to grow your business demands looking out for certain characteristics.

These characteristics ought to be reflected in the company’s online activities. These activities include:

  • Developing a strategic plan for weekly & monthly objectives and events;
  • Carefully targeting online audience, creating high-quality contents to be delivered consistently;
  • Personalizing the content & investing in mobile capabilities;
  • Integrating social media channels and sales processes while considering subscription;

Your priority as the business owner should be getting to be the go-to company website for product and service solution.

The reviewing and reflection of the content of the website should be done regularly to keep track of trends and latest developments and also to keep customers consistently satisfied.


Digital Marketing

Finally, the most consistent way to grow any business through the use of a professional website demands the embrace of the new marketing methods, commonly known as “Digital Marketing”.

The value of online marketing cannot be rivalled by any medium mainly because billions of people around the world depend on it for connectivity, information and awareness. SEO and Google Adwords help to increase brand awareness and reputation. It is awesome to have a Professional Website.


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