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Animated Explainer Videos

What better way to show off your products and services than to visually explain them to your customers? Whether you are launching a new product or wish to promote an existing one, animated explainer videos do a great job of engaging and nurturing prospects. With high quality 2D explainer videos, you can get prospects to hear your brand story, learn about the use of your products, quality of your services, and Unique Selling Point. 

Who doesn’t love great stories mixed with fascinating characters, plus other dramatic elements of sound, graphics, and motion? Well, we could help you find out how your audience will love to receive your marketing messages. These videos work well when placed on your company’s website, social media platforms, and even YouTube. Animated explainer videos drive a higher engagement rate than most other popular types of content.

At our animated explainer videos agency in Nigeria, we don’t just dive into the creation process, but begin with research and concept creation, followed by scriptwriting, storyboarding, voice-over recording, video production, packaging and review. Our scriptwriters will craft your message to best suit your audience, their short attention span, as well as the marketing platform you choose. Using animated explainer videos gives your brand an edge and stands you out of your industry’s competitive space. With this low-cost marketing strategy, get ready to record a higher conversion rate, more audience attention and brand awareness. 

Animated explainer videos creation for your brand gets prospects to immediately find the answer(s) to the question, “What’s in it for me?” Your customers want to see value and know why you are worth considering. Based on your industry, brand, and objectives, we put out your marketing message to project possible problems your ideal audience is facing,  the solution your brand offers, how they can take advantage of such a solution (more like its benefits), and a call-to-action prompting them to look in your direction.   

Regardless of your audience’s fast-paced lives, let’s help you create attention-grabbing animated explainer videos they just can’t resist.

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Examples of our animated videos:

SellOff.ng – E-commerce marketplace – version 1

SellOff.ng – E-commerce marketplace – version 2


Magic Helping Hands – Professional Care Services in Essex.


Price Pronto Web App

Buy Books.ng – Multi vendor E-commerce


Integrity Invoice – Invoicing Web App

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