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An Overview of Technology and Its Impacts on The Agricultural Industry.

It’s no longer just about planting and harvesting crops for consumption or exportation; in recent times, agriculture has become so much more. A couple of years back, all that farmers needed where better farming tools and equipment; we are glad that they have embraced what the future holds in terms of digital technology and marketing strategy. At this point, some farmers might just begin to speak under their breath because they think they can’t afford to integrate technology into their operations. Sit tight, in this post we’ve discussed technology and its impacts on the agricultural industry.

Apart from the advent of robotics, GPS, and other developments in tech, several websites and apps have been created to ease agricultural processes and ensure higher productivity levels.  Every business regardless of its niche requires a functional and aesthetic website. How else do you intend to showcase the focus of your agricultural business without a corporate website that not only talks about your products and services but also allows people to see what they intend to buy, and make immediate payment? Before we go too far, take a moment to see if you have actually created a brand image that resonates with your audience or is even memorable. Technology in today’s agricultural industry has provided farmers and other stakeholders with all the revolution they need to thrive. You can now have access to loans, engage in farm management, lease farming equipment, hire farmers, rent farmlands, sell products and services to online customers, receive online payments, pick up or deliver goods and produces as you please, among others.

Last year we worked with one of the biggest agricultural brands in Nigeria. We developed their responsive website and helped them with digital marketing, which in the end repositioned their brand and gave them more visibility. It’s high time your business moved from being a local brand to a global one! It is quite understandable that you either don’t have the time or expertise to handle the digital marketing aspect of your business; it won’t hurt if you hire an agency to be in charge of all aspects of your online marketing- including branding, website creation, digital strategy, social media management, content development, email marketing, PPC ads, and more. Another option is to get an in-house digital marketer who is both knowledgeable and skilled. It is 2020, so your agriculture business should not just be known by friends and family or people in your locality, aim for more by embracing digital technology to increase sales, productivity, and have an easier life.


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