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Comprehensive List of Ad Formats in Google Ads Worth Exploring.

Ad formats in Google Ads are among the essential aspects to bear in mind when running Google ads campaigns. Let’s say you have already heard about Google Ads and how it affects your business’ growth, so we can get going. In case you do not know it, you can read more about running a successful Google ads campaign here.

When setting up your Google Ads campaign, there are some Ad formats in Google Ads you must know in order to choose the right one for your business objective and goal. These Ad formats help Google to determine where, on which device, and network to show your Ad campaign. You might have seen different types of Ad pop-up on your mobile device while surfing the internet. Some come up as a display image, some videos while others are just text. Also, have you noticed how ads are displayed while using an app? All these are types of Ad formats in Google ads. You knowing each Ad format can help you determine which suits your business’ marketing goal and budget.

There are two categories of networks on Google Ads: Google Search Network and Google Display Network. These networks settings determine where your ads will appear based on the campaign type you select which by extension determines the ad formats that are available to you. There are a number of Ad formats in Google Ads accounts. They are explained below:

Text Ads 

This type of ad format is peculiar to Google Search Ads. Have you noticed that each time you search for any query on Google, the first three results have an ‘Ad’ symbol at the front? It is made up of text with three headlines, a landing page URL, a description and an ad extension. The maximum characters of each headline are 30 while your description has a maximum of 90. The first two headlines are essential while the last is optional. It is advisable for your headline, otherwise called title, to contain your keyword. Even though it is an ad campaign, the search engine will still consider your ad’s relevance based on the search query. In order not to waste your budget, always ensure that you optimise your keywords in your headline. However, do not overuse it. So you don’t send a traffic signal to the search engine. Your campaign may be flagged by the Google algorithm.


Ad Format in Google Ads

Dynamic Search Ads

Google search network relies on targeting the right keyword. Although, it can be very difficult for you to think like your audience. As a result, Dynamic Search Ads is purposed to ease you of the pressures by automatically targeting the keywords that relate to your website and product. For example, when people search for a product that relates to yours, Dynamic search Ads will generate ads from the existing contents on your website. This is done with Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI). When Google sees that a search query has a keyword that relates to your website, the Dynamic Search Ad will automatically crawl through your website to select the right headline, description, image and display it on the SERP. It does not require much effort from you. You only need to create a custom description and the AI will automatically do the rest of the work. This type of ad format in Google Ads is suitable for busy marketers who do not have the time to create an optimised text ad. 

Responsive Ads

If you ever want to run ads on time without all the stress of designing creatives based on the Google ads sizes, this type of ad format is good for you. It automatically fits itself in any available space. Just upload your product pictures, headlines, and descriptions. Ads like these appear on Google results pages and across the Google Network, which includes the Standard Display Campaigns and Smart Display Campaigns. It saves time and gives a broader reach with adjustable sizes to fit more placements.

Image Ads

One of Google’s most effective ad formats is image ads. It gives you control over your creatives. You can determine the way your visuals look. They are uploaded as a zip file into Google Ads. It only runs in Banner-eligible slots. There are specific sizes strictly given by Google that must be adhered to. Violating this will only cause your ad campaign to be rejected. For more details on different banner sizes to apply when running Google image ads, click here. With this ad format, you have lots of different size options to use to your advantage. However, it is expensive to run. Some people mistakenly click on ads and the more they click, the more money you spend on your budget. This may not give you the relevant result especially if the goal is to generate leads or conversion.

App Promotion Ads

If you are a company that offers service via the app, you can run this type of ad campaign. This helps you to drive app installs and in-app purchases. This ad looks different in different places like search results, Google Play Store, Youtube, Google Display Network Google discover, etc. One thing to put in mind is that this type of ad format is device sensitive. It will appear only on devices compatible with your content.

Ad Formats in Google AdsVideo Ads

According to research in PPCexpo, Video ads take the visual image format to the next level. They are the most attractive and compelling type available to marketers. This ad mainly shows up in YouTube video streaming. Sometimes it can be skipped while on order occasions, it’s non-skippable. With video ads, you can effectively convey valuable information within a limited space of time to your potential lead. It’s however, costly. If you have a good budget plan, you will definitely get the results you need.

Product Shopping Ads

We are now at the age where people are buying more often online. With product shopping ads, you can display your product price, name, rich image, in-stock status and your business name to an audience who are actively searching for products related to your product with the intention to buy. This type of ad format depends on the data feed in your Merchant Centre account. With this ad format, customers can view and interact with your products right from the ads and this aids in their consideration process and also give you the assurance of better-qualified leads. The Google product shopping ads can appear on several placements within the Google Search results page and Google shopping. 

Showcase Shopping Ads

Even though this sounds so close to the product shopping ads format, they are different. It is an ad with images of your products and description that expands when customers click on it. It shows several related products and information about your store. This ad is good when your target audience is people who are researching where to buy rather than looking to buy a specific product. You have complete control over the type of product categories you want to display to your customers. 

 Call-only Ads

If you find it comfortable for your customers to call your brand directly, then, this ad format is for you. With it, you can drive phone calls to your business. It usually includes your phone number. For instance, a customer searches for a keyword, Google will run through all the available website that has the relevant information. If your ad has it and the customer really needs to quickly get in touch with you, they can click on these ads and then call your business directly. This ad will only appear on devices that can make phone calls, and any field in the ad can be hidden to fit on smaller screens. Fortunately, this ad format has the ability to track your leads and monitor customer’s journey directly which may result in a high conversion rate. However, this type of ad format in Google ads is expensive to run. Oftentimes, people mistakenly click on the ad and place a call through to you. Using a cost-per-click bid strategy, your budget can be drained without having any valuable lead.

In conclusion, I believe by now, you know the ad formats in Google Ads and how each is structured to help your business’ growth. Setting up any of these ads require a high level of expertise by professionals who have run ads with trackable results. At Big Field Digital, we ease you of the stress and help you run digital ads that are within your budget. We have helped a number of brands in actualising their business goals using Google ads effectively. Our delight will be to help you achieve your business goals too. You can send your brief today and we will deliver nothing but the best service.


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