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7 Reasons Why You Should Leverage PPC For Your Business In 2019

This year, one of our goals is to help small businesses grow through different digital marketing strategies, one of which is PPC- Pay Per Click Ads.

Pay Per Click Ad according to Wikipedia is a form of Advertising where Advertisers pay only when their Ad(s) is clicked on. However, this type of Ad along with many others are only for Internet Advertising.

There are different types of PPC Ads but the most common type is the Paid Search Ad.  This means that your Ads appear when a search/search engine user search for things related to the keywords you must have designed with and for your Ads.

One of the good things about PPC  is that it is until when a user/searcher clicks on your Ad, that is when you will be charged. In the coming days, we will delve into different aspects of PPC and other Online Advertising Strategies. However, the focus here will be the on why you should leverage PPC Ads for your business this year.

It is no doubt that the digital world is growing and that it is time business owners start to see the benefits of this technological advancement to grow their businesses. There is no gainsaying that nowadays, Traditional advertising is fast losing its richness, firmness, and purpose because we all know that a larger percentage of world population is spending an average of 12 hours per day on the internet. As of 2017, the global users on the internet is about 48%, according to Wikipedia. And surely this percentage would have gone up as of now, the year 2019.

Below are the reasons why you should leverage on PPC Ads to grow your business this 2019.

1. PPC subscribes to business growth

This is the utmost reason why lots of digital advertisers use the PPC Ads because it contributes to your overall business and marketing goals. Whatever goals you intend to achieve, there is always the conversion goal available. Whether you want to generate traffic to your website or increases sales, or e-commerce marketing, your goals, performance, and strategy can be tracked and monitored.

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2. PPC is measurable and trackable

With the availability and use of metrics and columns available through Google Adwords Tools, nearly every bit of your Ads is trackable and easy to understand. These metrics are often called APIs; Adwords Performance Indicators. There are always statistics available for you to know how your Ads are performing and this stats usually help you take the next decision as a business owner. Using other tools such as Google Analytics, be rest assured that you do not need any technical specialty to be able to track your landing pages and conversions at all.


7 Reasons why you need to leverage PPC for your business in 2019

Image Credit: Pixabay

3.  Quick catch-up

It doesn’t matter whether your competitors are far ahead of you, although this may have a little bit of challenge but with PPC, you can always jump right in the competition right away. This means that depending on your strategy, keywords and Ad rank, you can always compete with the rest on the internet advertising in getting potential customers. With PPC, you have the opportunity to get new and prospective customers, expand your brand awareness and create awesome landing pages which may, in turn, help you rate your website too.

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4. You own your turf

With PPC, you can choose who you want to sell to, where you want to sell, how you want to sell and define the goals that align well with your business.  You define what you want and how you want with, which is the best part of PPC. With the help of statistics and metrics, you can decide whether to scale up more for your Ads or take a break if and when necessary. Whatever you have to do, you have total control.

5. Flexible budget

Unlike traditional advertising, PPC helps you achieve more with little budget. The budget is usually your choice and within your control. Any day, anytime you can always edit your Ad and increase or decrease the budget. For instance, you can input the maximum amount you want to budget per day for your Ad as well as set the Maximum Cost Per Click. You can always choose and work within your budget with PPC. Another flexibility of PPC is that you can run multiple Ads for different purposes as long as it aligns with your business goals. By doing this, you create multiple campaigns and if you want, you can segment them into Ad groups for easy measurement and tracking.

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6. Compatibility with other networks

PPC makes it possible to allow your Ads show on other networks and strategies. For instance, you can also implement Display Ads, retargeting, running Ads etc. You can also see how your Ads are performing and which options best suit your overall business goals.

7. Targeting options

One of the best things about the PPC is that you can always choose who you want to see your Ads. With different demographic tools such as locations, behaviors, interest, profession or even devices, you can always choose the perfect type of audience that suits you and align with your overall business goals.


Image Credit: Pixabay


Having understood the benefits of PPC and what it can help you do to your business, it is high time you made that decision to get started right away. If you are busy and you think it is still much of a newbie to you, or you don’t think you can fit in time to haggle it out, never mind because at Big Field Digital we can help you maximize your business goals through the use of PPC. Click the button below to get started right away!




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