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7-Point Preparation Checklist for Mobile App Development

When you research a topic like this, you would most likely find tons of articles giving you a detailed checklist on the mobile app development process. Usually, these checklists are meant and can only most likely be used by developers.

However, we want to look the other way of individuals or organisations that want to decide how to go about building a tailored app for their business processes. There are tons of organisations that need a personalised app to improve their work process but don’t know how to go about it yet.

There’s a fraction of that number who are yet to discover that a personalised app is what they need. That’s the very reason for this article. Below is a 7-point checklist for helping organisations and individuals through their mobile app development decision process.


#1  Discover/Define the Problem


7-Point Preparation Checklist for Mobile App Development 1

Before you can decide what kind of app it is you need to develop, you need to define this first. What purpose an app will serve will depend on the solution the app will be providing.

In order to discover this, you need to discover/define the problem or gap it is meant to solve or fill. A very good way to spot this is to take note of the things that slow down your work or business process.

What are the things that make it harder to close deals? What are the things that make it harder/slower to make sales? What are the things that make it harder to get much done in a work-day? What are some repetitive tasks that can be easily automated?…

There are lots and lots more! You just need to be attentive to your business needs. Be specifically attentive to how you can work or do business smarter, faster and better.



#2  Decide Which Platform You Want to Build on


7-Point Preparation Checklist for Mobile App Development 2
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This is a key area you need to figure out before you go ahead with any other thing. After figuring out the purpose for which you want to build, you need to know where you want to build.

Is it going to be a web app? Would you rather have it as a mobile app? Or do you want it to exist as both a web app and a mobile app?

Perhaps, you want it to be strictly an on-the-go app on mobile alone. Then, you would need to figure this out – should it go on Android, iOS, or both?

Every platform and decision you will make at this stage will have both its advantages and disadvantages. You only need to make your decision based on the functionality you want in the app.



#3  Develop a budget for your app


7-Point Preparation Checklist for Mobile App Development 3

Developing your budget is the next step after you’ve figured out your preferred platform for the app. The platform you are building on will determine your budget size or cost.

Planning your budget takes a whole lot of attention to detail and carefulness. When you’re aware of the funds available for the app development, then you can easily prioritise. Some features are more core and basic than others, you would want to consider these features first.



#4  Discuss the App Security


7-Point Preparation Checklist for Mobile App Development 4

Depending on the type of app you are building, you will need to discuss the security of your app with your developer. Again, depending on your industry – for instance, the banking industry – the app will have to be very secure.

Usually, you need to be sure users data are securely collected and stored; as well as the company data/business information. The security of these data files needs to be discussed and prioritised.

Some of the few security measures you can confirm are in place are these; a secure sockets layer (SSL), control over who has access to the app, two-point user authentication, et.c.

Also, if you intend to build your app with different access levels, then you should consider having sub-admins. In this case, you need to discuss the security of the data available to the admins. As well, you need to determine and specify the level of edit-access the sub-admins will have.



#5  Integrating an Analytics Dashboard


7-Point Preparation Checklist for Mobile App Development 5

A lot of useful insights can be gleaned from an analytics dashboard. This can help any organisation in planning and making the right decisions. It can help to measure a lot of important metrics that are core depending on your type of organisation.

In some other organisations, you can use these analytics to guard against fraud and all sorts of malpractices.

So, you might want to keep this in mind when discussing with your developer.



#6  Structure & Plan for Maintenance and Upgrade


7-Point Preparation Checklist for Mobile App Development 6

Usually, a lot of organisations do not put a plan in place for the maintenance and upgrade of their app. However, this is an aspect of planning that should have been perfected before the beginning of the development process.

First, after an app has been completed and is now running, there needs to be regular maintenance. This maintenance would usually come in the form of bug fixes in the app by the app developer.

Maintenance of the app attracts extra periodic costs and therefore needs to have been planned into the budget.

Secondly, upgrades in features and functionality, UI and UX, and many more are necessary for any app. Major upgrades such as these should be planned ahead of time, based on the funds currently available.



#7  Making the App Available to the Public


If the app works so well for your business type and module… then, who said you can’t make it available for others?

Usually, other companies in your industry are more likely to be experiencing the same problems that you are facing. If your industry is a large one, then you should consider making the app solutions available to competitors at a cost.

Going this route will both earn you more money and more respect from other industry players. How about that? Hmm? Makes you a badass, isn’t it!?


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