6 Online Learning Sites To Make You Stay In The Know

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Do you also leverage online learning sites?

It is not uncommon for Millennials to study hard through school only to graduate and forget almost everything in a few years. The same trend is common among top executives. They put in so much money for professional certifications and can only remember parchments of the whole syllabus later on.

This situation can be quite disappointing whether as an intern or execs. It can be discouraging to find out you are not up-to-speed as your other colleagues in the field are.

The open secret to this is that those colleagues keep on learning. Not by carrying tome around the office, though. They do so the digital way.

Not to worry, with the advent of the digital revolution, there are now many online platforms of learning that keeps you refreshed and updated. These platforms have served to equip many and provided relevant detail when in need.

There you have it; online learning platforms are the elixir that can keep your mind fresh with ideas. At least, I mean the good ones among them.

Here are some of the online educating portals that Millenials and older generations can tap into for continuous learning.


Coursera "take the world's best courses, online"

This is a good option for busy execs who still wants to update their learning portfolio. Coursera can be labeled a multi-dimensional learning portal for everybody.

Partnering with Ivy League institutions like Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan etc. It bridges the gap between classroom learning and digital tutorials.

Coursera provides courses that range from Business to Data Science and Model Thinking – all from reputable institutions.

The sweetest part is that certifications from Coursera can be used for career opportunities or for facilitating a degree. Anyhow you fancy it, Coursera makes learning easy and scalable.



Udemy "online learning on the go"

Learning is a continuous process. That is exactly what Udemy does for knowledge seekers. Today’s word requires a handful of auxiliary skills to compliment workplace efficiency. That is the pain-point Udemy addresses.

Courses offered for learning varies from personal development to team building. One of the outstanding features of Udemy is the Business Plan training it offers. This provides training for entire staffs on any chosen subject.

Available courses on Udemy are 21st century-compliant and they are digitally relevant. They can be applied to everyday life and for workplace development.



Alison "a new world of free certified learning"

In today’s world of soaring expectations from the workplace and social life, a free and well-integrated online course platform is a blessing. This is particularly apt for working-class people who seek on-the-job tutorials to horn their skills.

One endearing feature of Alison is the fact that it is free and grants certification at the successful completion of the course. This will be handy for updating one’s credentials even while on-the-job.

More so, there is the feature for creating study groups to help teamwork and more dynamic study forum. In nut-shell, Alison is a platform for rookies and pros.


Course Buffet

Course Buffet "The most organized online course catalogue"

This is an integrated platform that organizes courses from major institutions. It serves as a platform to browse an array of courses. It outstanding feature is the multiples of relevance choices you get to select from. All these with a very flexible framework.

Course Buffet provides navigation to the institution and allows you to register directly. Meanwhile, you do all the study and learning online.


Open Learning

Open Learning "explore thousands of online courses from around the world"

Open Learning is a little different from Course Buffet. It engenders the connection between folks with similar interest. This is in the bid to create an all-inclusive course formation that is interactive as it is educative.

All contents and materials here are provided online. There is also the chance to upload personal reading lists and video tutorials to assist colleagues in your study group.


Ted Talks

Ted Talks "ideas worth sharing"

Ted Talks is a series of speech by professionals, technologists etc. The crux of these talks is to educate and share insights. To define or explain what Ted Talks are, the slogan will suffice. “…ideas worth sharing”.

Basically, it is a conference held to share ideas from various spheres. These range from business to science, technology and arts. This makes the Ted Talks a potent platform for getting up to speed with trends in every sphere of the human endeavor.

To sum it up, the Ted Talks is a go-to site for sharing and getting ideas and inspiration.

As highlighted from the onset, the lists of online learning platforms are many. So, feel free to share your favourite online learning sites and their advantages with us in the comment box below.

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Toyin Anike Oni
Toyin Anike Oni

I find the write-up quite timely. Coursera and Ted Talk are the best for me. Coursera have wonderful courses and Ted Talk is filled with insightful discourses and ideas. My concern now is that we should have something like Coursera in Nigeria. A local online platform that educates. Nice and timely write-up there.

Tobi Adono

Thanks for your comment Toyin. I particularly find theTed Talk a very inspiring platform for idea sharing too. Talking about Nigerian online learning platforms, my research unearthed a few, but they are mostly pseudo-educational sites. They are more of exam centre registration sites that doubles as educational sites. You have highlighted a problem by your comment, and I think it will be addressed by someone shortly.