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5 Tips To Increase Your Twitter Followers.

The topic of growing Twitter followers has been heavily debated. Being one of the early birds that signed up on twitter, I have sufficient experience to talk about strategies that work. When it comes to growing twitter followers, most people are always in a haste; the reality is, having a huge number of Twitter followers is not a day’s job. It requires patience and persistence.

Aside celebrities with a huge fan base, the average Joe will have to go the extra mile to reach a satisfactory number of Twitter followers. Businesses hoping to grow their brands are not left out and social media managers often face narrow deadlines to deliver an unrealistic number of Twitter followers within a time frame. This hardly works out. Over the past 7 years, I have found out some strategies that work most times and I will be sharing them with you here.

Define your followers. 

Before creating your Twitter account, define your target audience, if you sell the latest smartphones and accessories, your target audience will mostly be teenagers and people in their twenties. This will enable you to structure your Twitter profile in a way that will effectively sell your product. Everything from your background image, profile photo, to your Twitter handle should be all set properly as it helps you attract your target customers. This also helps you come up with tweets that will attract your audience. Most people find it hard to gain followers because they tweet irrelevant things to an eclectic mix of followers. On the long run, this could lead to a massive loss of followers.

Use an analytics tool.

This applies mostly to businesses that want to attract clients. Leveraging on the power of analytics tools to gain insights for customer segmentation, targeting, and more useful insights is a good strategy. While I don’t have any favorite tool, Crowdfire and Tweepi can be used to learn more about your follower mix. They have other useful functionalities to identify industry influencers, active followers, inactive accounts and even potential customers. The beauty of these tools is that they are free with the option of unlocking more values in their paid versions.

Engage with users on a constant basis. 

According to a research by kissmetrics, Twitter accounts that constantly engage other users have more followers than their counterparts. One of the beauties of social media is constant engagement. People want to be informed and kept up-to-date on the latest trend; for those who take it as a responsibility to provide such service to their followers, they always reap the result which is an increase in follower base.

Businesses that want to promote their brand have to engage with their customers to resolve issues and keep them updated on the latest product or service they offer. There are tools that can enable you to manage your account effectively while you are away. Applications like Buffer and Hootsuite help you schedule your tweets to engage your audience even while you are away. The important thing is to ensure your customers and followers are not jumping ship but are rather spreading the world of the unique experience they are deriving from your social media account.

Use hashtags. 

Hashtags are the key to reaching a huge number of Twitter users. They increase the number of impressions your tweets receive which in turn increases the potential for growing your followers. They are keywords embed in your tweets to enable visibility on your tweets when users search for those keywords. According to socialmediaexaminer, the use of hashtags in a post can lead to double the user engagement for individuals and 50% more for brands. They also help you gain more retweets and likes. While the power of hashtags cannot be over emphasized, they should also be used with caution.

Share helpful articles and resources

Twitter is a social media platform that enables sharing through the retweet and share button. Be it an article from your favorite blog post or a cute picture from a recent vacation, make it a duty to share relevant findings you come across on the internet. You can also retweet other people’s tweet, the important thing is to ensure there is some form of relevance between your followers and the shared tweets.

By incorporating the above tips, you are guaranteed to witness constant growth in the number of followers you have on Twitter.


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