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5 Digital marketing trends for businesses in Nigeria 2019

The year 2019 has started already and there are business goals you want to achieve.Over the years, Digital marketing in Nigeria has continued to be a dependable means to attract Nigerian online audience to brands.  You connect to the internet and see dozens of digital marketing ideas you want to integrate into your business but you are pretty confused about where to start or what to do. Well, you are reading this because we at Big Field Digital have made the job easy for you.

Are you a Nigerian entrepreneur and you are confused of the digital marketing strategy you should integrate to take your business further to the next level? Yes, the digital marketing trends to watch out for this year are way more than these ones we highlighted but these ones you are about to read are for you if you have a business in Nigeria. These trends will give you a heads- up on what to expect from your target audience, sales, leads and content of your brand online.

Digital marketing keeps moving at a faster pace every year,there is need to rank on search engines, retain online audience, and generate income from online brand sustainability but are you doing the right things to achieve these goals? Without further ado, these are the five digital marketing trends for Nigerian businesses in 2019.


According to Renderforest,78% of users got more traffic to their website using video formats. 71% of users also claimed that the time spent on their website by users increased through video contents.69% generated more leads with video content and 51% made sales.

This year, it is expected that 93% of users consider video content a priority. On social media platforms, contents in video formats are more consumed that text and images combined. On Youtube, 5 Billion videos are watched every single day. 

This means that if this trend keeps growing, we might have over a hundred percent consumption of video content in the next coming years. What are you waiting for? Get your brand content in video format already, it may be your miracle to get more audience, attention ,generate leads and increase sales.

Photo Credit: Renderforest


Everyone is busy these days and somehow, people want to inquire, contact or chat with brands on the internet.Also, because with the internet, there is no limit to time and location, this is why it is essential for you as a brand owner to invest in chatbot this year. Chatbot is a set of computer programming that has the ability to simulate conversation with humans.

For instance, if a customer goes over your website and wants to know anything, he could click on your chat bot icon and have a conversation with this integrated machine that answers questions designed for it. 

According to Impact, chatbot is set to hit 80% of businesses by the end of 2020. It is presently believed that chatbot sound more intelligent than humans. Why don’t you invest in this Artificial Intelligence and let it work magic for you while you sleep? Chatbot is the way to take your digitla marketing to the next level in Nigeria.

Photo Credit: Pentoz


This is evident in our local contents that we consume daily on the internet. Influential marketing is gradually becoming the trending choice for marketers to sell their products online and penetrate the local market.

Most of these infuencers are social media users who would endorse your products and help you increase sales.

It’s cool to pay a huge sum to celebrities to help you endorse your brand but this kind of marketing can be short lived because this same celebrity will endorse many more and fans might not even remember your brand because the focus is on the celebrity here.

So, research and follow people you know are having a huge impact  on different platforms and reach out to them, surprisingly, their prices are not bank-breaking!

Image Credit: Keomarketing

According to Shanebarker, 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by recommendations of their peers in buying decision. 30% of consumers are likely to buy your product if it is recommend by a non-celebrity but influencer.

This is because they believe that celebrities will only endorse a product because they have been paid to do it, and these celebrities may not have used the product personally in the first place.


Well, this also falls under the Video content category but it is different from an edited video meant for sponsorship. However, Live video streaming allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. They get to see everything raw and interact with you momentarily.

This is the opportunity for you to do a product launch,team spirit relation ship showcase, Question and Answer session, address a customer complaint that may have generated lots of attention etc.

It is important that you properly plan your content before going live so you won’t fall into a ditch in the process and it is also important you focus on a platform you have dependable strength.

You can’t be on every platform except you have teams that handle each platforms for you, it is okay to champion your brand on a platform that suits you and that have majority of your customers.

Image Credit: Livestream


 Business Of Apps  reported that there were 197 billion downloads of apps in 2017. The data for 2018 is not clear yet but it is expected that as businesses now want to take their brands to the next level, more businesses are now creating their own personalized apps to reach their target audience.

Users of your brand are likely to be loyal if they relate with your brand through an app than just a link. So to streamline your brand experience for users, you may well invest in a personalized app to take your business to the next level.

Image Credit : Big Field Digital

So, we hope as a digital-savvy entrepreneur, you leant one or two things from this. This year, ensure that you invest and integrate these digital marketing trends for your business in Nigeria. You don’t have to start with all of them, it’s a gradual process. Leave a comment below if you have any question or reaction to the post.

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