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4 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Embrace Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is non-discriminatory and there is enough room for everyone which gives an entrepreneur no excuse for not making the most of it. Be it a multinational corporation in the big city or a little butchery in the suburb of a downtown, entrepreneurs should leverage on digital marketing’s capacity to boost business and sale. By optimizing your website, it helps you reach your target audience and attract prospects to your fine array of steaks through social media.

Wikipedia defines digital marketing as an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them. The goal is to promote brands, build preference and increase sales through various techniques”. A Forbes research shows 67% of marketers will increase sales directly through digital marketing campaigns this year. So, digital marketing is a must-use for entrepreneurs looking to scale new heights.

Digital marketing has proven to be of great use to innovative entrepreneurs in four key areas, including:

Target Precision

Precise Targeting

Digital marketing tools avail them the opportunity of broadband reach; there is no limit to the precision with which they can reach their targeted prospects. A market research strategy using social media can reveal important demographic data about the population of internet users in the downtown city where our hypothetical butcher sells. More info such as the concentration of vegetarians in contrast with meat eaters in the city is also available.

This type of information guides the butcher on areas to concentrate his promotion, and unprofitable locations to open a branch store in the neighbourhood. The survey could be the saving grace for business boom or the veil that leads to the crash of the business.

Measurable Yields


One of the best things associated with digital marketing is analytic tools. These numerous analytic tools monitor growth and engagement across a wide network of digital activities. Every entrepreneur wants to know how their business is faring and what activities are bringing forth the desired result. The adoption of analytical tools to measure interactions of prospects, conversion and engagement rates come in handy as the tool also doubles as a guide to know where and when to emphasize or withdraw campaign efforts. In general, digital tools for business process helps to make better business decisions.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

There are quite a few erroneous beliefs about digital marketing, some people think it is for the big brands alone due to the huge cost of running it. It is important to know that every dime invested in digital marketing is valuable and can be justified by the results of each campaign. With the use of analytic tools as stated above, you can practically monitor, measure and see the result of every penny invested. The proper tools plus the expertise of a digital marketer always yields progressive results.

Broader Engagement

Engagement on a wider scope

Utilizing digital marketing tools like social media, any brand can reach across varying demographics like, race, age-group, and religious affiliation. With good social media campaign, publicity, a well developed website, landing page, and optimized keywords for search engine optimization purposes, visitors from across the globe can be reached and converted. Call-To-Actions, website visits, exposure to products and services etc all foster a wider scope of engagement for your business.


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