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4 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook has over 2 billion active users, Instagram has over 700 million, Twitter has over 300 million and LinkedIn the professional social media network has over 400 million active users. Why then should any business not engage social media marketing services?

Technology has literally brought the world to our fingertips and we must embrace it. In this age, businesses cannot afford to ignore the social media as the number of active users continues to grow.

Imagine this…

The population of the world is less than 7 billion, and Facebook, ‘the king of social media’ already has 2 billion users. That means over one-quarter of the world is on Facebook today. This will likely grow to over half of the world in the next decade.

The sad thing about this reality is, some businesses still do not believe in the power of social media. And before they realize how much they are leaving on the table, their competitors would have taken advantage.

Don’t let your company be the slacker here… For these reasons:


You Can Sell Through Social Media

Social media is a good platform to generate customers whether as a B2C or B2B company. Whatever you sell, your target market is all around the social web, and it is only a matter of determining which of the platform they can be found on.

For instance, LinkedIn is a perfect place for B2B products while Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are good for B2C. However, with social media, you can find your customers and sell to them faster and cheaper than through traditional marketing methods.


You Can Be Influential Through Social Media

Influence on social media increases your reach beyond what you can imagine, but how do you attain it? On social media, content is king.

The more relevant and valuable your content is to your target market, the more influential you become because a lot of people will like, share and make good comments about you. However, this strategy has to be consistent. Great content will make you a King in your industry through social media.

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With Social Media, You Can Network

Networking used to be a thing we only do at live events until social media made it easy. These days, there’s probably no one too big to engage with or reach out to so long they can be found on the social web.

This is an opportunity we need to take advantage of by strategically developing means to network with thought leaders and influential brands on social media. This is easy to do but must be strategic.

Social Media Is a Faster Customer Service Tool

This is another valuable reason why every business needs social media marketing services, to offer a better customer service experience. It is common to find dissatisfied customers everywhere or even prospects that need a benefit of the doubt.

With social media, every business can swiftly respond to complaints, attend to questions and help anyone solve issues they might have.

The benefit of this to companies includes customer retention, good reputation and even reduction in refunds.

That said…

These 4 reasons are enough for any business to start engaging professional social media marketing services. If you have any question or need a solution-driven strategic brand partner to get the best results with social media marketing, click here now.


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