4 Hidden Website Qualities for Business Growth

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Did you know that the efficacy of every effort you exert on your brand or product in this digital era is hinged largely on the beauty and interactivity of your website? Well, a handful of people will jump to protest that claim. I won’t be surprised. It is just as typical that there are people who will contest the importance of mayonnaise over butter for bread.

Everything is probable in this era of widespread democratization. But that does not play down the importance of hierarchy in things like this. Having clarified this hitch, I will go back to emphasize on my initial claim.

Your website is just about the single most important asset in your chain of digital assets for entrepreneurial success. Note, this does not nullify the need for other digital assets that you may acquire and employ for an all-round maximization for digital marketing.

It goes without saying that there are other important tools required for an effective digital marketing campaign. These may include your social media campaigns, email marketing and other tools that drive traffic and engagement for your brand, product or service.

Let me say this upfront, all of the digital tactics and campaign strategies are aimed at making your brand, product or service known to the massive prospects of online users. Isn’t it? So, where do you refer them when they have been bought over by the beautiful campaigns that you run? When they have now become engaged with your social discussion?

Without mincing words, you expect them to go over to your website! That is why I think, like Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones, that your website is “…the hub of your digital marketing world.”
Everything you do on the internet, every activity and inactivity in some case, boils down to your website. It is the ultimate channel through which everything thing you do on the internet pass in order to foster conversion.

Perhaps, you need further clarification to get the big picture. Here it is. If you deploy a social media campaign for your brand, as an example, with the intent of raising awareness about what you do and you top that with a short video of your newly acquired workstation and activities posted to an online streaming site. And then you uploaded a theme song for your brand etc. all these are a very cool way of getting awareness level increased.

But then, people will want to visit your personal domain to see for themselves if these lofty claims and beautiful images are for real or just another digital sham for attraction. Better still, they have totally been hooked by your campaign and wants to patronize you. It is just natural that they visit your website to get that done.

It is like telling friends about how beautiful and well decorated your newly acquired home is. Even if you show them pictures et.al, it is just normal that they want to pay a visit to verify things.
That is just how it is with digital campaigns. The engagement you have created with the online campaign will get people trickling in to your website to get more info and probably contact you for patronage. Do you now see why your website is just about the most important asset in your digital marketing arsenal?

I will assume you have agreed but are yet to be convinced. Below, I will give four (4) reasons why you should pay close attention to designing or redesigning your website for maximum yield in the digital campaign.


1. Your website is your referral port


A quick definition of ‘referral’ in Cambridge English Dictionary shows that it is “…an act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action.” What could be more? As have been emphasized above, your website is literally the ‘go to’ place for all the digital campaign that you engage.

Following the definition above, it is the port of call for converts who have shown interest in your digital strategies and requires more information for further action regarding your brand, product or service. You want to tell me why you should not invest wisely and richly in making this avenue as welcoming, easy-to-use and retaining as possible?

With the ever growing bandwidth of prospects and engagement that your other digital marketing strategies avail you, it is only worth the trouble to give visitors to your website a warm and friendly welcome that will make them come back for another visit or to become a regular.

2. Your website is your virtual office

virtual office

Taken, you have succeeded in directing the interest of prospects to your website. So, what next? It is like asking someone to come in and check out a work of art that you sampled in your studio. Now, they are here. It is only fitting to give them a nice and captivating tour of the artworks that you have on display.

It takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form a first opinion of your brand once they have perused your company’s website, according to researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. This goes to say that you need to invest so much for the first visit to your virtual office (website) so as to attract and retain visitors for long-term patronage.

I need not say too much here, I will sum it up by saying that as much as you consistently invest in your physical office for reckoning and brand imagery, you should do more for your website. This is because the competition on the internet is stiffer and the next firm that wants to attract and win over your prospect is just a click away!

3. Your website is your conversion point

conversion point

By conversion point, I mean everything from actual purchase or patronage in the case of a service as opposed to a product, to inquiry or subscription to newsletter or blog. The last two – inquiry and subscription – may not seem like actual conversion. But I tell you, it is!

The digital market sphere is very different from the physical one. The fact that a prospect shows interest enough to make an inquiry or subscribe to your newsletter reflects a level of engagement. You only need to study such persons to know how to target and move them from engagement to conversion and patronage.

Know their demographics: what drives their interests, how they make judgments, their religious or racial dispositions etc. all these can be tracked using cookies to tell what part of your websites a particular set of people like to click on often, or what image link catches their attention etc. This is available on a well-optimized website design and development.

Well, that has much to do with digital marketing research. We will attend to that in subsequent blog posts. However, let’s consider the next reason why you should invest more in designing or redesigning your website.

4. Your website is your online marketplace

market place

It is worth repeating here that your website is an essential tool in the digital toolbox of digital marketing. As your online marketplace, it is the force that holds all the activities about your brand or product in place.

First, it can serve as the platform where new customers find you. Also, you do a more pronounced advertisement of what you can offer on your website with actual proof of what you have delivered-testimonials.

On that same platform, your website also serves as a fine avenue to improve your customer care and ultimately consummate online sales through e-commerce integration. This is the peak of your website as a marketplace. Oh, there is one more. As your online marketplace, its reach is unlimited-locally, nationally or across the globe – that is way more than your physical office can do as effectively and promptly. Finally, your website can do all of these very cost-effectively.

Well. On a final note, I will leave you with this call-to-action: it is high time you designed or redesigned your website for optimal reach and retaining capacity.

What other values can be unlocked from  a website? Share with us in the comments below.