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It is no longer news that the world is going digital and so are many businesses. Regular business processes are no longer enough to cut the slacks and make dependable business progress. This is why it is essential for every business to begin to adopt these business process improvement ideas by finding its way into the digital world.

However, these technological improvements can be so overwhelming that it becomes a bit challenging to handle both regular and digital business processes together.

Have a go at 4 ideas that we suggest you begin implementing right away:


1. Develop Personalized Web & Mobile Apps

If you have a systematic business challenge, perhaps what you might need is just a creative app designed to solve that problem. A very interesting example is an app called Price Pronto developed by the Big Field Digital Team.

Ideally, we at Big Field Digital had an initial challenge of fixing prices and sending quotations to different clients. Price Pronto came up as an idea to solve that problem not just for us alone but for other SMEs and entrepreneurs.

So this might just be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. If you have a constant business challenge, perhaps it is time to look inward, bring in your team and design an app to systematically solve that problem for you and others.

4 Business Process Improvement Ideas- 1

2. Adopt Automation

Automate tasks and processes that are repetitive or that take too much time. For instance, if you have to send emails to every new customer that you have, you might as well just automate that task and let technology work for you.

Ensure you use the right software to automate some tasks, this may be what you need to get more efficient and effective with your work.

3. Use Task Management Tools

Many times, a single software will go a long way in solving the problem of task assignments and file sharing.

With the right task management tool, you don’t have to keep going up and about with files to the tables of colleagues, you could simply share files without the hassle of strolling around the office. Embrace the use of technology to improve your task management operations.

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4. Develop And Use Templates

There are specific business operations that you handle over and over again, these require that you come up with a template design to solve the problem of designing the same document from scratch every single time you have a new client or a new task.

As a website designer, for instance, you find it difficult to create a design brief for your clients, you could design just one, make it editable, ask the right questions and set it up as a template for your clients.

Usually, there is need to update your templates from time to time. Certain aspects of a template can become obsolete over time, and some other aspects would need to be added over time.

We hope with these few but highly effective tips; you’d give us a feedback on how you’ve been able to improve your business processes.


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