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3 Things to Check Before Running promotional Campaigns

Running promotional campaigns is integral to profitable digital marketing strategies such that it determines the profitability of any paid traffic effort.

Campaigns are required to attract potential customers who were completely unaware of the brand to awareness, evaluation and finally to conversion – where the value is exchanged.

However, every business owner or digital marketer should keep in mind that campaigns do fail but you can’t throw away promotional campaigns that do not perform right because it can be worked on.

Certainly, when promotional campaigns fail, there are reasons for it, the purpose of this article is to make known the 3 big things to help run more profitable promotional campaigns from now on

1. Check Your Offer

The first thing to look towards when your promotional campaign is not performing right is your offer. Your offer, in this case is anything you’re running traffic to; it could be a blog post, social media updates, content videos, case studies, survey or quizzes. It could even be Webinars, podcasts, white papers or flash sales.

Whatever it is, what matters is you must be running traffic to what people really want. In fact, the medium does not matter so much; the point is whether you are giving value or solving a problem for a specific group of people.

These are important things to note because no matter how compelling your copy is or how attention grabbing your image may be, the best marketing campaign in the world can’t solve an ‘’offer issue’’.

However, if you have a good offer, you need to check your targeting.

2. Check Your Targeting

It doesn’t matter if you have the best offer and marketing message, if you put it in front of the wrong audience, it will fail.

In fear of missing out on potential prospects, the biggest targeting mistake you can make is to go too broad, you must be very specific in calling out your targets. In this case, you might need to reassess your customer avatar and targeting checklist or create one to address your targeting errors.

Do not also forget to ensure to use the right platforms that your target can be found on and target the avid part of the market, the ones who can actually buy.

3. Check Your Ad Copy and Creative

The ad copy and creative is the gateway between the offer and the target market. You can create a compelling offer and put it in the front of the right audience but if you aren’t able to catch their attention and give them a reason to click, your promotional campaigns will fail because you aren’t generating traffic.

If you have tweaked your targeting, it is time to tweak your ad copy and creative to get the possible results. For your ad copy, make sure that you’re calling out your audience hitting a pain point, and giving them a solution while also ensuring that your image is not only eye catching but also congruent with your marketing message. Having done this, your promotional campaigns is most likely to be highly profitable or at least break-even.


Keep in mind, however, that the business that gets this right will excel.

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