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3 Reasons Why Customers Aren’t Always Right.

Let’s talk about customers, are they always right? I guess we need to find out and clear the confusion once and for all. At a convenience store, two old-time friends bumped into each other at the counter and while the attendant packaged their groceries, they had a chit chat. After packaging each bag, he gave it to the owner, apparently, the bags got swapped because both ladies were deeply involved in the conversation which made them receive the wrong bag. They did not notice the mix up until they had parted ways. One of them returned to the store to pour out her grievances on how they were careless and nonchalant about their customers’ satisfaction. She also requested for a discount as compensation for her wasted time and resources.

If you are the owner or manager of this store, will you blame the attendant when it was the fault of the customers who weren’t paying attention? Or, agree that customers aren’t always right by wisely pacifying and making her understand how the whole event had transpired? It is true that without customers your business is heading towards doomsday but not all customers are right for your business. The cliché expression of ‘customers are always right’, is the leading cause of many issues businesses experiences regarding customer relations and the general operations of a company.

Here are 3 reasons to accept that customers aren’t always right.

Some Are Insatiable

Regardless of how perfect you try to implement the projects of some clients, they just never seem satisfied with either your products or services. Many of them are indecisive and need your advice as an expert to guide them through the decision-making stage of their project. However, when all is done and seems to be going perfectly, they simply come around with a new set of issues and requirements which often leads to scope-creep. In this case, they either want to turn the whole project around or add new specifications without adding more funds which is unhealthy for your company.

They Aren’t All Good for Your Business.

You really do not want to spend your productive hours attending to complaints from petty clients so just let them go. Not every customer is right for your business because the right ones won’t always look out for gaps in your delivery. It is import to uphold the value of treating every stakeholder in your company like they are important because this gives room for good customer service. You might not realise immediately that dropping bad customers may cost you a little revenue in the short term, but it’s better in the long term for your business growth and development. Runaway from some clients if that’s what you need to do in other to preserve the reputation of your company.

They Do Not Know It All.

They might be knowledgeable but certainly do not have an idea on every subject and might not know how to get things done as well as you do so don’t get oppressed when they criticize you; customers aren’t always right. You should constantly remind yourself that the customer is a human being just like you and isn’t infallible, therefore, you shouldn’t feel oppressed by them.

In business, you should critically consider a client’s criticism, concerns and feedback about your business with logic and factuality. While you are trying to give them the best brand experience, you should not neglect the fact that your employees also wants to also be treated with utmost respect and feel human too.


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