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3 Reasons Businesses Need A Unique Selling Point (USP).

During an informal meeting with a client, she talked about her business and identified various features she’ll love us to incorporate into her website and mobile app. She was expressive and pointed out an already existing brand that also offers the same products and services she plans to sell on her e-commerce website. At some point, we had to advise and walk her through the path of identifying the uniqueness in her business. Regardless of who starts a business first or the similarity in brands, there are several areas businesses can derive their Unique Selling Point from, some are; customer service, affordable prices, packaging, promotional offers, delivery, user experience and more. It is something you do differently compared to your competitor and also gives your customers more value. In this post, we would be identifying 3 reasons why your business needs to have a Unique Selling Point.

Unique Selling Point is what makes your business and its products/services different; it is the distinguishing factor that gives your customer a reason to choose your brand over that of a competitor. Having an identifiable USP gives you a chance to run a smooth and winning marketing campaign without having to feel like you are in a sinking boat.

It is not smart to start a business and keep struggling to stay ahead. Remember, inadequate preparations lead to poor performance; it won’t hurt to take a moment to determine the ‘why’ of your business as this will help you know how to go about the implementation of your ideas.

Easy Marketing

With an already identified USP, it becomes easy to create marketing messages that project the uniqueness of a brand or product. While there are several advert messages to market similar products, you need to help your prospects make up their minds quickly and choose you. For example, prospects are more likely to buy a washing product that says, ‘remove tough stains in one wash’ than one that says, ‘multi-purpose cleaning agent’.

Integrity and Trust

Having a Unique Selling Points helps your customers to believe in your brand and know what to expect. They get to trust your ability to deliver products that satisfy and meet their needs. When putting together your product idea, you must have been able to give positive responses to questions like, ‘will my client’s needs be met?’, ‘what will be their overall experience after an interaction with my brand?’. These kinds of questions can guide you in selecting what is a priority to customers concerning products and services.

Retention of Clients

It is great to gain new customers but becomes more exciting to watch them return to patronize your brand. This is only possible when you give them something they can’t easily get from your competitor. However, customers will not remain loyal if they have the option of better products, service delivery, and customer service.

When carrying out projects like web design, mobile app development or digital marketing campaign, we interact extensively with our clients and are able to help them identify elements their businesses should be projecting. This makes them discover new things about their business and see the need to include it into the project, leading to scope creep. We care about the growth and progress of our clients that’s why we are attentive to their requirements and recommend what we feel is good for their business. In the end, we want everyone to stroll happily to the bank.

Your USP has to be something that can’t easily be duplicated by competitors and your user has something to gain from it.

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