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3 Factors That Converts Followers to Customers on Social Media

Getting followers for clients hasn’t really been an issue for social media managers, instead, the pain point has been converting these followers into customers who are willing to pay for products and services. Very few companies get to the level in which they reap a profit on the amount spent on advertisement; achieving this requires careful planning.

From researching what the customer wants, to engaging them in a user-friendly way that will result in conversions, marketers have implemented various techniques to convert followers into customers. However, over the years, successful customer conversion has been consistently driven by three key factors:

Quality Landing Page

The landing page says it all. It virtually portrays the companies; be it web, blog, app or social media page. It is, therefore, important to give users the best experience whenever they find themselves navigating through your website. This can be achieved through mobile optimization across all devices. Metrics like Page rank and Alexa Rank should be optimized and constantly monitored. When it comes to advertisement, there should be strict relevance between Ads content and the landing page, no more no less. For e-commerce sites, there should be a direct link to checkout pages. Users should not be frustrated due to broken links or pop-ups. Page load speed should be an average of 2-5 seconds or less with no funny error messages. All pages should also be embedded with a contact information for easy access to customer service representatives and salespeople. The bottom-line is, users should feel happy and connected navigating through your web pages.

Content marketing

Most businesses optimize websites and stop at it. Users should also be given access to quality articles, add-ons and functionalities while trying to learn about products as well as the necessary information to make a purchase. Taking a broadband provider as a case study, services like data calculator and data tariffs should be included on most landing pages to help users make the right decisions.

This will not only encourage them to make purchases but also serve as a form of help on other related activities. The importance of quality content cannot be overemphasized. It is the selling point of the website and should be treated as such.


Amidst all the tweaking and optimization, we should not forget one of the key factors that attract customers which is an attractive price. Aside quality and user experience, price ranks as one of the major factors that come into play when customers consider making a purchase. Regular promotions like, Black Friday deals and holiday offers with attractive discount enables growing and established businesses solidify their customer base.

After this is done, they can revert to normal prices and easily achieve a success even with the increase in volume which will offset the discount during promotions. These promotions should be advertised across social media sites, websites and other online platforms to build brand loyalty.

To wrap it up, giving customers a unique experience based on quality via landing pages, cost reduction via promotion and brand building via content marketing are three factors that will contribute to a substantial increase in the number of followers that become customers. However, taking a holistic approach to implementing these strategies will produce far outstanding results.


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