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With the constant evolvement of digital trends and practices, it is not only essential to have a website but it is more essential to have the right website for your business. This is because, as business processes are taking new turns, websites are an integral part of everything for a business.

It is where your clients and customers first get in touch with you before meeting you in person, sometimes; they never even meet you at all. A right website must have all the professional details expected to increase business growth and development.  Here are the 10 websites best practices that should be implemented if you are to achieve the expected results.


1. Navigation:

The design of your website must be user-friendly. It must be easy for users to navigate through the website without many clicks.  This means that your website has to be built for users to find what they want easily. A user doesn’t have to wait for a long time before accessing a link, all these and many more should be considered in order to have a responsive website.


2. Colours:

There shouldn’t be more than three colours on your website so it doesn’t look less professional. The more colours you use, the more the balance and coherence of the website are disrupted. The main colour should be of unifying theme, the second colour should be a contrast to balance the main colour and the third colour should is an accent colour, just there to support the primary and secondary colours.


3. Text and Background:

 Ideally, the rule is to have a dark text over a light background or a light text over a dark background. But studies have shown that people concentrate more when reading a dark text on a light background. Also, headings, subheadings and body texts should be properly selected to avoid conflicts of concentration from the users.


4. Links and Button Colours:

 When selecting a colour for your website links and buttons, ensure that the colour is easy to read and stands out from the rest of the text in a way that makes it clear that it’s a link or button that can be clicked


5. Typography:

Typography is the technique of arranging and styling type (fonts). Using the right typography and maintaining consistency throughout your website can make the difference between good, bad and great design


6. Legibility:

Your contents should be legible enough and easy to read for your users. Your users need not strain their eyes before digesting your contents. Use, clear, concise and professional fonts in conveying your messages across to your readers.


7. Images:

 Your logo should be well placed on your website, the pictures you use should be clear and quality enough. Give picture credits if the images are not your own. Use the right file formats for the pictures and logos so the quality can be retained.


8. Mobile-Friendliness:

Your website should be mobile friendly because many people access website quickly on a smartphone than on a desktop.  The mobility of a website becomes an essential component of users’ experience.

Image source: Big Field Digital


9. Pages:

Each page of your website should be carefully designed and proper details should be filled in. For instance, on your blog page, there should be an “about me” details. The contact page is an essential, but often overlooked page on a website. Since a visitor can’t get in touch with you to inquire about your service or product without your contact information, it’s important to make it easy for people to reach you. The footer should be well designed too with essential information for user  friendliness.


10. Blog

It is essential to talk about your industry. Publish consistent topics that make your visitors and clients see you as an authority in your industry. Nowadays, users read your content before deciding whether to place a call or contact you. It is very important to give them what they expect.


We hope with these tips, you would be able to set new business goals for your website.


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